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Guest Post - Linda Weaver Clarke

The Rebel Series: Stories of Adventure, Mystery, and Romance The Rebel Seriesis a mixture of romance and adventure. Each book, set in the late 1700s, is a love story with mystery and intrigue as a young couple and their rebel friends strive to help their country. For those who enjoy strong women characters, all three books have this in common. They are independent women who have an opinion and are not afraid to express it. The heroes in this series are rebels with a sense of justice. They are chivalrous and their feelings run deep for the women they’re in love with. Young and old alike can enjoy the romance in this series. In The Rebels of Cordovia, Robin’s Rebels realize they must fight aga...
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Sienna Matthews: Piracy

I'm reposting this post by Sienna Matthews because I think it's so important. As a reader, you may think it's a good thing to get free or cut price books from a 'pirate' site, but this is actually theft,. An author spends months, sometimes years, writing and rewriting a book they hope will give the reader a few hours of pleasure. Most authors make very little from their Royalties, but even this small amount is denied them by the pirates. You expect to be paid for your 'day job' so authors should also be paid for their hard work don't you think. Please read this post and think very carefully before being tempted to use a pirate site. (I'm in a similar position to sienna, published by a small ...
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Author Interview – J.H. Moncrieff

The Third Degree - The Haunted Pen
Today, I’m pleased to bring you the first edition of “The Third Degree” where I’ll be subjecting authors to grueling interrogations in an effort to discover more about their writing techniques and published work. My first victim guest is J.H. Moncrieff, author of the “GhostWriters” series of supernatural suspense books featuring “City of Ghosts,” “The Girl Who Talks to Ghosts,” and “Temple of Ghosts.” Let the grilling commence. Enjoy the interview! When did you first start writing and what led to your love of writing? Every writer tends to say this in interviews now, so it’s probably a cliché, but I started writing as soon as I could pick up a crayon and string a sentence together. My first ...
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Recipe of the Month – Individual Mexican Meatloaves

This recipe comes for an old microwave cookbook. It is a nice twist on meatloaf. I like that they are cooked in individual casserole dishes. And because it is cooked in the microwave it is ready in less than 10 minutes.       Ingredients  1/2 cup chopped green peppers 1/2 cup chopped onions 1 lb lean ground beef 1 pkg. taco seasoning mix 1/2 cup chopped tomato 1 egg 1/2 cup finely crumbled Nacho cheese chips (or tortilla chips) 1 can kidney beans, drained 4 corn tortillas 1/2 cup grated Cheddar Cheese, divided chopped lettuce, tomato and salsa for the top Directions In a mixing bowl, combine green pepper, onions, ground beef, taco seasoning, chopped tomato, egg, crumbled chips and kidney bea...
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Greatest Romance Book

I’ve been reading for as long as I can remember. My mother was a veracious reader. She didn’t graduate from high school, but she loved to read. She would buy me books whenever we had a little extra money. Like a lot of kids, I started out with the traditional books like Charlotte’s Web, Black Beauty, and Nancy Drew. I only read a few Nancy Drew books. I actually preferred the Dana Girls. Do any of you remember them? As I grew older my tastes changed and I started reading romance novels. I had a lot of Harlequin Romance books in my home. I can’t remember the first true romance novel I read, but I’m sure it was from Harlequin. When I began writing, I was still interested in and reading a lot o...
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Book Contests

Good morning and welcome to wwwblogs. Today, we’re going to be talking about contests. That’s right. It’s contest season. Authors all over the world are looking over contests that litter the internet, in the hopes they find something worth their time, energy, and wallet draining fees. How does the new author go about finding the right contest? The answer to that is both simple and difficult. First, you should be getting to know more experienced authors. They know the contests that are worth paying money to enter. They can tell the new author what contests to avoid, as they’re nothing more than a popularity contest where you have to get people to click a link to vote for you. And they will be...
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Blog Tour ~ An Argument of Blood, by J.A. Ironside and Matthew Willis

Available on Amazon UK and Amazon US William, the nineteen-year-old duke of Normandy, is enjoying the full fruits of his station. Life is a succession of hunts, feasts, and revels, with little attention paid to the welfare of his vassals. Tired of the young duke’s dissolute behaviour and ashamed of his illegitimate birth, a group of traitorous barons force their way into his castle. While William survives their assassination attempt, his days of leisure are over. He’ll need help from the king of France to secure his dukedom from the rebels. This fresh look at the life led by William 'The Conqueror' when he was merely a young (and not particularly successful) duke  becomes a real 'game of thr...
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AND ALEX STILL HAS ACNE is free to download 10th and 11th February.

And Alex -cover
Still short of cash post Christmas and wanting something new to read? I have just renewed my contract with Solstice for And Alex Still has Acne – a short novel for teenagers about family, friendship, and some of the trials of being a teenager. To celebrate the new contract I am offering the novel as a free download on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th February. Blurb: Life for fourteen year old Alex is OK most of the time. He enjoys school, has a best friend Sam, and a pretty and only mildly irritating younger sister, Nicky. But then Sam starts acting strangely, and so does Nicky – and both insist on sharing secrets with him and making him promise not to tell anyone. Then Nicky goes missing and ...
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Audiobook #Giveaway – Win An Audible Subscription

win an audible subscription
Win an Audible Subscription! Yes, it’s competition time again! How would you like to win a 3-month subscription to Audible value $45? Sure you would! I am a late convert to audiobooks. It is only recently I have started listening to any. They are not only convenient say when you are unable to read like […] The post Audiobook #Giveaway – Win An Audible Subscription appeared first on Stephen Bentley . Original link

Book Review: The Cleaner by Mark Dawson

Book Review: The Cleaner by Mark Dawson
The Cleaner by Mark Dawson My rating: 2 of 5 stars Two stars for OK. I found it a strange read in many ways. The author nearly pulls it off with a decent plot. I think the major issue for me was the author, a middle class English solicitor (lawyer), attempting to replicate the patois […] The post Book Review: The Cleaner by Mark Dawson appeared first on Stephen Bentley . Original link

Delayed Problem-Solving Affects Your Bottom-line

Attract the Right Job or Clientele:   Most people recognize that delayed problem-solving affects the bottom-line.  However, few will take swift action to resolve problems. Today’s story illustrate what can go wrong. My Story The standout story is that of a maintenance company.  They claim they don’t have enough time to fix building issues in one community. The property management company that hires the firm was content to let them work at their own pace.  But allowing insufficient insulation around the entry doors is not a good answer during the chilly winter months. The problem-solving effort was to turn up the heat. ‘Penny wise and pound foolish,’ is a proverb that comes to mind. When pres...
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Draft2Digital Adds Discoverability for 2018

Draft2Digital has stepped up their game. Over the past year D2D has made nice additions that further their distinction from Smashwords, another longtime choice for self-publishing distributors. What was done in 2017 is substantial: ebook style templatespaperback layout improvements (much needed)automated end matterFindaway Voices for audiobooks and narrationbetter email notifications and payment optionsadded distribution partners OverDrive (libraries), Playster, Kobo Plusadded distribution to Amazon That last one is huge. Smashwords does not distribute to Amazon (except for special requests from authors with sales over $2,000/title) D2D’s focus for 2018 is helping authors and readers connect...
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On a Personal Note …

I have written before about living with Hashimoto’s disease .  One of the concurrent conditions that comes with it is chronic pain, particularly in the joints.  Combine that with the posterior tibial tendonitis I developed in Memphis (recovery takes a long time) and you have today. I had to bring the cane out again; I had been doing well without it for a couple of months, so I thought we were done.  No joy there.  So, today I’m gimping along. The thing about living with chronic pain, as I do, is that you develop an incredible tolerance for it.  When I tell a doc that my pain is 10 or higher, I’ve reached the point of desperation and need an intervention in the form of an injection (this has ...
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Phantom of the Opera Challenge – Day 12

Favorite Instrumental Portion of the Score While I imagine that many of my fellow bloggers have chosen the show’s sweeping overture, for me it’s the ballet portion of “Il Muto.”  If you’re familiar with the show, you know that this is brought forward by the theatre managers in order to cover the tragedy of Carlotta Giudicelli losing her voice (through non-natural means) while Christine Daaë changes costumes to take over Carlotta’s role.  This also gives us a chance to see the long-suffering Monsieur Reyer in action. Please enjoy this excerpt from Dallas Baptist University’s 2014 production. Original link

Van Maanen’s Star

Star Eagles is a game created by Damon Richardson and published by Andrea Sfiligoi’s Ganesha Games . Humanity faces an alien menace in this fun, easy-to-learn game of space battles. I’ve been lucky enough to be involved very marginally in the project when I provided a few short snippets of fiction to spice-up the game handbook. And as it usually happens, I found the universe interesting and worth exploring, and two characters, Tam and Lol, that would make it a fun thing exploring it. So I asked Damon and Andrea for permission, and they allowed me to play in their backyard. The result is a story – hopefully the first of many – called Van Maanen’s Star. My first ever military SF story is curre...
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KDP Print Just Got A Whole Lot More Attractive

Nicholas C. Rossis I’m sure most of you have heard the news by now, but if you haven’t, Amazon has announced some major changes to its KDP Print program. Only two days after I was telling people in this blog’s comments that I wouldn’t even consider moving to KDP Print from CreateSpace until Amazon addressed its two most glaring issues, the company announced it had. On top of that, it addressed my major problem with CreateSpace, thus making it a whole lot more likely that I will soon be moving over. Problem #1: No Physical Proofs (Solved) The first problem with KDP Print concerned its means of proofing your manuscript. Well, you can now order printed proofs from KDP. Proofs allow you to revie...
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Surreal and thought-provoking!

Just discovered this review of the audiobook edition of my horror book, Twisted : Follow Susan Patterson Listener Since 2015 131 HELPFUL VOTES 322  reviews 322  ratings 330  titles in library 24  purchased in 2018 FOLLOWING 0 FOLLOWERS 4 Twisted UNABRIDGED by   Uvi Poznansky Narrated by   Heather Jane Hogan Reviewed: 2/6/18 "Surreal and thought-provoking!" Overall Performance Story A collection of short stories written in surreal prose. As a listened to I, Woman I envisioned Uvi's sculpture of "Can We Take Flight" and it helped me understand the story. As a cat owner, I appreciated the cat's point of view in her story of the demanding but aloof cat. Heather Jane Hogan, narrator, brought the ...
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Origins: An Irish Girl Named Maggie by Howard Petote

Origins: An Irish Girl Named Maggie by Howard Petote
This blog post originally appeared on February 3, 2018, on Howard Petote’s blog.  I reblog it here as part of the BooksGoSocial Army of Authors Blog Tour. Enjoy! Origins: An Irish Girl Named Maggie by Howard Petote In 1968 the state of Missouri was blessed with the arrival of a baby girl, a one-year-old lifted […] The post Origins: An Irish Girl Named Maggie by Howard Petote appeared first on Stephen Bentley . Original link

Meet Susan Noble and Read About Her Fantasy Novel BLOOD BOND, Released Today

About Susan Susan has always loved dragons and magic, so it is no wonder that she became an author of fantasy novels. As a cat lover, she also had to throw in a telepathic cat to the mix in her The Elemental trilogy. In addition to her trilogy, she has published The Search, a short story prequel to the trilogy and The Heir to Alexandria, a full-length standalone fantasy adventure. Her latest fantasy, Blood Bond, was released February 6, 2018. When she isn’t writing, Susan is an active volunteer in her neighborhood and at her children’s schools. She lives with her husband, two children, three cats and two Cocker Spaniels in Texas.  About BLOOD BOND Man severed the alliance with the dragons fi...
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Game, Set, Match

So, basically – I’m about to do a series of posts on the three Harry Palmer spy movies, The IPCRESS File, Funeral in Berlin and Billion Dollar Brain, and the novels they are based on. I’ve been a long-time Lee Deighton fan, and his books are certainly an influence on my writing – and my cooking! 1 – and I’ve always loved the Michael Caine movies. And while I was looking online for resources for those next posts, I found out that you can view the whole 12 episodes of Game Set & Match on Youtube. And so I said to myself, why not make a post on that, too? And here it is. The whole story begins in 1983, with a novel called Berlin Game. In in we meet Bernard Samson, a British born and raised in B...
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