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Six-Word Story Challenge – “Disappointment”

#IndieAuthor #6WordStory #SciFi #Fantasy #Horror #Romance #SciFan #AnyGenre   Today’s challenge is: “Disappointment” “You’re not what we’re looking for.” I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Feel free to post your answers on my website, FB, or wherever you happen to find this post. Cheers, J. I. Rogers Original link

Kicking A Hornet's Nest

Hey Everyone!! :-) I've got a little more of Alyce's adventure to share with you, today! Enjoy! :-) Excerpt from sci-fi satire novel: There was a building in the background with a fence in front of it. The robots on the inside of the fence were standing by the gate and letting some of the robots who approached in, but keeping many out. There was a crowd of other robots holding signs and with their mouths open, as if they had been frozen just as they were in the middle of shouting something. The robots who were being allowed through the gate were all female. They walked with their heads down and their shoulders hunched, as if in a futile effort to protect themselves from the cruel words about...
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Sneak Peek: Retail Audio Sample of Deadly Shadow (The Assassin Chronicles – Book 1)

Love audiobooks? Here’s the official Retail Audio Sample for Deadly Shadow (The Assassin Chronicles) narrated by Canadian Voice Actor Robin Siegerman! Coming soon to Audible, iTunes and Amazon! To learn more about Robin, visit her web site. Don’t want to wait for the audiobook? You can purchase Deadly Shadow at Amazon (Ebook and paperback). Deadly Shadow is also FREE to read with your Kindle Unlimited subscription! Original link

Six-Word Story Challenge – “Hobo”

#IndieAuthor #6WordStory #SciFi #Fantasy #Horror #Romance #SciFan #AnyGenre   Today’s challenge is: “Hobo” “He follows the sunset by rail.” I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Feel free to post your answers on my website, FB, or wherever you happen to find this post. Cheers, J. I. Rogers Original link

A deftly written tale that stays with you

Just found this lovely review of my WWII Romantic Suspense novel,  Dancing with Air : 5.0 out of 5 stars A deftly written tale that stays with you By SKY08 on July 28, 2018 Format: Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase Dancing with Air is a story of deep and abiding love between Lenny and Natasha. While it opens with a challenge this couple faces late in life, we get to start at the beginning. Their love unfolds at a languid pace that poses a stark contrast to the jarring cadence of a world at war. So much is beyond their control as these young lovers are swept away by romance and duty. Set in Britain during World War II, Lenny and Natasha's story is skillfully interwoven with historical events...
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Huge skies, endless vistas.

In screenwriting they call it POV when the audience sees something from a specific angle. This shot is perhaps more reminiscent of a cowboy on horseback but it is, in fact, on my daily walk. Tonight as I took this shot, I could swear I saw a face in the clouds. An anguished face looking backwards. Photo copyright SvD. Original link


© Words and photos copyright Samantha van Dalen

Guest Post: Different Approaches to Deal with Writer’s Block as a Freelancer Writer

image typewriter
[A guest post from my friend Veselina Dzhingarova, on a pretty popular topic. Isn’t it great when we have friends that can provide us with posts while we are busy writing? Enjoy!] There’s a healthy debate about the merits of writer’s block and whether it even exists. Writer Jerrold Mundis once offered a course teaching freelance writers and novelists how to avoid getting blocked and then how to get unblocked if they did. Indeed, he wrote a book on the topic even though he himself doesn’t believe in the concept of writer’s block. However, when you have it, you don’t doubt that it’s real! Royalty Free Photo If you’re stuck in this predicament, then here are a several approaches to try to get o...
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#Paranormal #Romance #MM #LGBT

OUT TODAY!  Get ready for this... Damaged doesn’t begin to cover Tamil’s current state. Riskel wants to fix that. Turned out at a young age, Tamil was taken in by evil. All he’s known is abuse until Jonathan comes to his rescue. His mind and body are broken, but Jonathan’s home is different from any place he’s ever been. People are kind for no reason. As much as that messes with his head, it’s nothing compared to the way Riskel confuses him. Nothing feels real anymore. Even though Tamil almost killed Riskel, Riskel knows a wounded beast when he sees one—in pain and lashing out. Riskel can’t stop himself from trying to help. Each day he gains Tamil’s trust a little ...
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Music Monday: “She Loved Like Diamond”

Happy Monday, everyone.  This week, I’m sharing a song I loved back in the early 1980s.  This is Spandau Ballet; enjoy! Original link

#MotownWriters Article: Author Platform Do’s and Don’ts

Motown Writers Network . . . Michigan Literary Network It’s hard to be a human on the internet these days, let alone a professional. Our author platform engages readers on a personal level to support our business: selling books. We’re supposed to be personable without oversharing, interesting without being too judge-y or controversial. We need to respect people’s inboxes, yet communicate with them often enough that they won’t forget about us. Read Now View original post Original link

These Two Sources of Help Strangely Compliment Each Other

Story Empire Hello to all the Story Empire readers! Happy Monday and thanks for stopping by the blog today. A few weeks back I wrote about obtaining help from some alpha/beta readers regarding one of my WIPS. Two of these readers were Story Empire’s own Staci Troilo and Craig Boyack who read the first part of a rough draft and provided feedback. But it’s these thoughtful responses and the ridiculous reactions from my family that complimented each other as a “secret sauce” when I needed it. First of all, I was surprised at the speed of responses and I’m thankful for the helpful insights. Both Staci and Craig came up with some incredibly useful ideas. Staci pointed out, among many other things...
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The Entry Word 1.13

‘Backwards,’ declares Jodocus Meaddowcraft. ‘Backwards now world-spinning. All progress halt. New histories writing.’ His voice is a terrible one, all wrath and gritty. ‘Not resting us ‘til world back beginning spin at start once more.’ Bartholomaus Hamson, Einav Dionisii, Mally Jaqueminet, Agatho Wagner, and Husniya Hindge agree. ‘My plan,’ crows Jodocus Meaddowcraft to the weary Assembly. ‘My heart-hope all ambition decided.’ Jodocus Meaddowcraft raises himself to a height hitherto not imagined and looms large across the floor of the UN Building. ‘My palace now begone foul fellows flee!!!!’ The delegates scattered with a mixture of fear for the future and relief from the experience. Origin...
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Book review ~ Amy Robsart: A Life and Its End, by Christine Hartweg

Available from  Amazon UK and Amazon US I've always been intrigued by the mystery of Amy Robsart, the unfortunate wife of Queen Elizabeth I's alleged lover, Robert Dudley, who died after apparently falling down a short flight of stairs in September 1560. Amy Dudley's death caused a scandal across half of Europe, yet although Robert Dudley was widely suspected, the truth of what happened is debated to this day. This fascinating book by Dudley specialist Christine Hartweg explores Amy's death from every conceivable angle. Every surviving letter and document is analysed in the context of the time - and contrasted with interesting use of modern clinical and statistical evidence about on such fal...
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Attending the PTA LAUNCH conference in Dallas

After last year’s annual Texas Parent-Teacher Association Leadership Conference in Houston, I swore I wouldn’t be going to the one this year in Dallas. I had been to the state conference four times already, and there didn’t seem to be a need to attend a fifth time. That held true until in April when I was elected president of my daughter’s elementary school. After that I felt the need to go to learn some leadership tricks and tips. As always, it was a fun, educational time. Most of us in attendance are officers on our local PTA boards though any PTA member or school official can attend. For this upcoming school year, I will be an officer on two different PTAs. As I said, I am PTA president a...
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TRAVEL Everywhere we went in Vienna we were offered tickets to concerts. Now both DH and I love classical music, but we hadn’t packed evening dresses or a tux so we declined many of these historically dressed ticket touts. However, one particularly eager young man explained that the audience didn’t have to dress up for … Continue reading MUSIC AND MUTI Original link

Cover Reveal - Melanie Hansen - Loving A Warrior

Pre-Order Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Carina Length: 77,300 words approx. Publisher: Carina Press Blurb BUD/S: six months of the most intense training there is. It’s survival of the toughest, and Matt Knytych is determined to come out the other side a navy SEAL. Distraction is life or death. And just the sight of former marine Shane Hovland is enough to shake Matt’s concentration. Shane came to BUD/S training ready to prove himself—again. Semper Fi is forever, but he needs a new start. Not this dangerous heat with a man he barely knows. Everything they’ve ever wanted is riding on a thin, punishing line. And they’ll have to fight for more than just each other if they want to make it throug...
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Meet My Fellow Wild Rose Press Author Laura Strickland and Read About Her Sweet Fantasy Romance CINDER-UGLY

CINDER-UGLY by Laura Strickland Genre: Sweet Fantasy Romance Publisher: The Wild Rose Press From the moment Cindra is born, misshapen and ill-formed in face and body, her beautiful mother hides her away, allowing the world to see only her other three perfect children. Cindra, raised by an aged nurse and assigned humble duties in the kitchen, receives little affection and plenty of abuse from both her mother and sisters. Starved for beauty, she longs most of all for love. Prince Rupert, newly returned from an education outside the kingdom and forced to take over duties as king, sees the beauty of Cindra’s spirit. In her sister-in-law’s garden, he courts her with rare flowers and nearly makes ...
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Spotlight on Bluebonnet Ballerina

I’m happy to welcome award-winning author Carol Kilgore. Today, Carol shares her new release, Bluebonnet Ballerina . Blurb Gracie Hofner returns, and chaos reigns—including a couple of ghosts trying to save their granddaughter. But as Gracie dances from problem to problem, she’s unaware the music has been orchestrated into a murderous symphony. When a different melody reaches Gracie’s ears from a guitar played by the new tenant living in her garage apartment, her tension vanishes. She listens unseen, cocooned in the shadows on her patio, and wonders who he’s longing for—and how it would feel for someone to crave her that much. She can’t dwell on those thoughts, however. Problems of murder an...
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Wine Tasting Corner

Want to do something unique for your summer entertaining? Ever consider having a wine tasting party? You may choose to have several of the same kind of wines made by a variety of wineries or a variety of wines from a single winery. Following are some hints to help make your wine tasting gala a sip to remember! The rule of thumb is to provide separate glasses for each person for each wine to be tasted. However, a tasting may be conducted with one glass for each person providing the glass is rinsed between wines. Stemmed plastic glasses are ideal if you wish to provide separate glasses. Unflavored crackers and water should be served so your guests can clear their palates between wines. Begin w...
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Stars so close you can touch them

My father used to say that the nights are so clear and silent here in the countryside, you can sit in the courtyard at night and feel like you are floating in space, and you can stretch your hands, and touch the stars. Last night I was in the courtyard. At 11 pm we had 26°C and 83% humidity. Like being at the bottom of the Tethys sea, that used to be here a few million years ago, but with none of the perks, and mosquitoes too. The local festival was going full tilt, and a cheap band was playing on the town square, doing poor covers of novelty songs from the ‘60s. All the dogs in the neighborhood felt the need to vent their disapproval, howling their hearts out. It was a good approximation of...
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