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Why It Is Important To Be Creative.

I was recently set a challenge as part of my writers' group August blog chain. The topic put to us was a question - Why is it important to be creative? At first glance, the question appears fairly easy to answer doesn't it. However, I struggled to come up with an adequate answer and, for the longest time, I couldn't figure out why. It eventually struck me that I was trying to answer the question by looking outward - as though trying to impart reasons why anyone should be creative. But, that's the wrong way to tackle it. Creativity is a very personal thing and it can take so many different forms. The relationship one has with creativity is unique. It goes then, that any consideration of its i...
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Reblogging: Elvis Aaron Presley, 1/8/35-8/16/77

I’ve chosen to reblog last year’s post, as my thoughts remain much the same. Having now been to both Elvis’ childhood home in Tupelo and Graceland, I understand his excesses better. To go from such deprivation to having more money than he knew what to do with, and always wanting to use his good fortune to help others, Elvis was a complicated person who became a target for hucksters of all sorts. Tonight, my husband and I are going to see “Elvis ”68″ on the big screen together. We will remember a good man and honor his music that way. Sharon E. Cathcart By Uncredited [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons It’s summer 1977.  I’m 13 years old, and my freshman year of high school will be startin...
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#CoverReveal Down The Rabbit Hole - Joz Maxel #ContemporaryRomance

    🐰🖤⏰ COVER REVEAL ⏰🖤🐰      Title: 🐰Down The Rabbit Hole🐰    Author: Joz Maxel     Genre: Contemporary Romance    Cover Designer: Nikki Hall    Release Date: October 11th     🐰BLURB:🐰    An innocent crush    Turned into a rush    When he gave me the attention I craved    His touch became vile    Like a turn of the dial    The path down the rabbit hole he paved    Carrick came along    Told me I belonged    In this world to be cherished and loved    When life spun out of control    It crushed my soul    My fate written in the stars above    👉 EXCERPT:👈    Copyright © Joz Maxel 2018    "I brought you out here..."    "Demanded."    "Fine, demanded you come out here so you couldn't say no to m...
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The Vizier’s Second Daughter

Travel back in time to kidnap historical figures for a few days, which then produce neural copies for the entertainment industry. It’s a job like any other, for “Bill” Billings. A short orientation course, and then a jump in the past, to extract another subject. In Baghdad, in the ninth century, this time, to kidnap Scheherazade, the daughter of the Vizier, the greatest storyteller of her time. Only, this time it does not work out as expected. Not only does Bill kidnap the wrong girl, but a failure of his time machine deposits him and his unexpected companion… elsewhere. Very much elsewhere. Is it simply a post-human future, as Bill suggests, or is it the land of the Jinns, as claimed by the...
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MoonPie Davis blog post #298 Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons I got 93 page views from Japan in one day on last week’s “Holly and the Gang.” A couple of times a year, I get a thousand or so hits from Israel. I wonder what prompts folks from a particular country or region to decide to look at my blog. They tell me it’s the keywords I attach to my posts, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out the proper ones to use… except for two or three times a year, apparently. This week we’ll go for a short, short story a little different from last week’s. ***** MOONPIE DAVIS           MoonPie Davis… that was what everybody called me, even the grownups—including my parents. I think most folks forgot my r...
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Why Query Letters and Synopses Are So Hard to Write (And How to Get Through it)

A Writer's Path by Lauren Sapala When I was in college I took a class called Fantasy Literature, which I thought would be nothing but fun and actually turned out to be a lot of hard work. On the first day of class, our professor told us that we would be reading one book a week, and a paper on that book would be due every Monday. The class collectively groaned, until he smiled and said our papers only needed to be one page long. Then we all cheered. And that’s when he got this wicked little smile on his face. View original post 745 more words Original link

Publishing your e-book with Smashwords or Draft2Digital

This post is the forty-ninth in a series about writing a novel. You can check out the list of past topics at the end of this post. Last week, I discussed publishing your e-book on Amazon, which makes sense since it is the largest e-book retailer out there. But it also makes sense to have your book available at as many e-book retailers as possible. You could go through the process of submitting your book at each of these retailers – all who have different requirements, or you can use an e-book distribution platform like Smashwords or Draft2Digital. Both e-book distribution platforms are very similar. You upload your e-book to them, and they distribute it to other e-book retailers such as iTun...
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Now I have hosted Jane before but she has a new book out this week and I want to share that news with you.  (The fact that she says nice things about me has nothing to do with it – honest!)  This is what Jane wrote. THE AGONY OF REJECTION For Lucinda Clarke’s blog Lucinda … Continue reading MEET JANE BWYE Original link

Six-Word Story Challenge – “Meme”

#IndieAuthor #6WordStory #SciFi #Fantasy #Horror #Romance #SciFan #AnyGenre   Today’s challenge is: “Confession” “So… The cake was a lie?” I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Feel free to post your answers on my website, FB, or wherever you happen to find this post. Cheers, J. I. Rogers Image and re-tread meme inspired by the game “Portal” Original link

The Pagoda

Good morning and welcome to Thursday Thoughts. This month, we’re going to be featuring fantasy books, both mine and those of other talented Solstice Publishing authors. Today’s tale is from Shane McIntire and his tale where the lines of reality blur, The Pagoda! The Pagoda   Get The Pagoda print edition on Amazon   Get The Pagoda eBook on Amazon Blurb What happens when two adventurous sisters accidentally discover a family secret that had been locked away for decades? Lying in a dusty corner of their grandparents’ attic, the two girls stumble upon an old locked trunk. After speaking the words etched on the trunk, they soon discover that within it holds a magical portal to another realm. But ...
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Now available for pre-order: The Du Lac Prophecy: Book 4 of The Du Lac Chronicles, by Mary Anne Yarde

Available for pre-order  on  Amazon UK  and  Amazon US Two Prophesies. Two Noble Households. One Throne. Distrust and greed threaten to destroy the House of du Lac. Mordred Pendragon strengthens his hold on Brittany and the surrounding kingdoms while Alan, Mordred’s cousin, embarks on a desperate quest to find Arthur’s lost knights. Without the knights and the relics they hold in trust, they cannot defeat Arthur’s only son – but finding the knights is only half of the battle. Convincing them to fight on the side of the Du Lac’s, their sworn enemy, will not be easy. If Alden, King of Cerniw, cannot bring unity there will be no need for Arthur’s knights. With Budic threatening to invade Alden’...
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Exciting News!

I am beyond excited to say that all three of the books in the Destiny Trilogy will soon be available on Audio.  The first book, Starquest, should be available for you to listen to soon and the third, Beloved Enemy,start audio production in the next few weeks. The second book Children of the Mist has JUST been released in audio and is available at and…/Children-of-the-Mist…/B07G9PZ3TX Also i-tunes although I don't have a link at the moment! I hope to have news of the audio version of Starquest soon! If you listen to Children of the Mist, do please let me know what you think - I reckon Helena Wilson has done...
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Aegis League, book tour and #Giveaway

Aegis Rising The Aegis League Series Book 1 by S.S. Segran Genre:Action-Adventure SF/Fantasy thriller Aegis League is a multi-award winning series about friendship, courage and a quest to save humanity. MOVIE RIGHTS OPTIONED. We had our chance. Our days are now numbered. Lifelong friends Jag, Tegan, Aari, Mariah and Kody are cast into an adventure of epic proportions when their small plane crashes in the remote forests of northern Canada. They are rescued by a secretive tribe in a hidden valley who possess astonishing abilities — and a terrifying divination.  The group soon learns that not everyone in the peaceful village means them well. But the worst is yet to come when they discover a lar...
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Tits & Sand: The Thief of Bagdad (1940)

Let’s go back to Tits & Sand movies with the mother of them all – the 1940 version of The Thief of Baghdad. And I know, there were Arabian Adventure movies before, but this one was and is, to me, the definitive item. Once again, this was a movie that was a staple of afternoon reruns on the telly in the ‘90s, and before that I saw it in a small parish cinema, and boy did it make an impression. So be warned – I’ll wax nostalgic, or maybe not. But this is one of my favorite movies from way back when… One thing I did not know the first time I saw this movie was, this is actually a British movie. Due to the fact that Britain was being bombed during the shoot, production was transferred to the USA...
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Asteria and the spirit of peplum

asteria khan eng
And so… The first story of Asteria was a straightforward peplum, but with a strong influence from Go Nagai and Mazinger Z in particular. The second Asteria adventure was a Harold Lambesque story of Mongol warriors, with a supernatural horror twist. The third Asteria novelette, that’s coming out in the weekend, is a lace & steel sort of swashbuckler, with a side of clockpunk shenanigans. It is fitting, I think, that the fourth story, that I started writing yesterday, will be a tits & sand adventure with Arabian Nights and Marco Polo references. One of the things I like about time-hopping characters like Asteria is the huge range of settings and cliches and twists one can weave into the plot o...
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…no, Authors… writing PERFECTION is NOT your objective…

Words of wisdom from a very wise man and great writer Seumas Gallacher. Seumas Gallacher …blasphemy?… heresy?… ravings of a mad writer?… signs of an author finally succumbing to the madness that years of tilting at imaginary characters bring?… that this ol’ Scots Jurassic scribbler should posit that the purpose of creative writing is NOT to achieve perfection?… p’raps, Mabel, but just hold on a minute with that frantic phone call to the lunatic asylum to come and cart me away… in a lifetime of reading, my choices of literature have been as broad as can be… Steinbeck, O’Hara, Ruark, Christie, Dickens, Eco, Fitzgerald, Child, Austen, Churchill, Burns, Chaucer… an endless list of library index ...
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Reading Holy Death

The initial thought behind the writing of Holy Death was imagining a victim of child sex abuse taking the law into his own hands and dealing out retribution, and wondering what would happen after that. One complicating factor I decided to include was having two victims of the same perpetrator take action independently on the same night, using very different methodologies. One takes direct action and murders the abuser priest. The other takes a more indirect approach and kills the abuser’s closest friend, another priest, hoping to inflict a sense of the loss he has suffered. You can imagine the frustration of that indirect actor when he learns that his intended victim has been murdered, and h...
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Terminal Transit, Book IV ‘The Million’

Hi Everyone Here’s another excerpt from Terminal Transit. An elderly academic uncovers a cosmic plot engineered by the NotBeSpeak, a race of intergalactic entities who wish to destroy the world. With only a young child to help him, the two race against time to save the planet from oblivion. In this chapter, the dread influence of the NotBeSpeak causes havoc on the streets of Dublin. Terminal Transit, Book IV ‘The Million’ The repercussions of the liberation of the zoo shook the city for days afterwards but before anyone was able to properly settle a further cosmic tragedy took place when the now-doubled presence of the NotBeSpeak caused Glasnevin Cemetery to give back all those who had ever ...
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Your Votes and My Smiles

Don’t believe an author who tells you they don’t like their books. It’s a pure lie. If we didn’t like the books we wrote, we wouldn’t publish them and share them with you! That is the real truth. Since we already did that—wrote them, invest a bigger or smaller amount of time, money and enthusiasm to publish them and bring the final product in front of you to enjoy, love or hate it (heaven forbid the last one happens!)—we also hope and count on your support and kindness to help our books reach others and continue their life through your purchased copies, word-of-mouth recommendations, honest reviews or votes in various contests . As it was the case with my first novella  A World Without Color...
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Quote of the Week – August 15

“The Best and most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” ~ Helen Keller (Criminal Minds Season 6, Episode 12) Original link