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The Longevity Dividend

I just finished an online course about the strategies for a successful aging. I’m over fifty, after all, and without a hope in hell for a pension and a healthy retirement, I will have to keep myself in working order until the day I die. Better start early. The course was an absolute wonder – lots of ideas, lots of suggestion,m some great interactions with my fellow students, and at least one concept I’ll take away and keep close at hand: the longevity dividend. The idea is simple – as we grow old, we accumulate experience, what one of the teachers described as “crystallized intelligence”. We already had a lot of good ideas. Couple that with a good culture and an agile mind, and we are alread...
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 When Haydn receives a request from his friend Kaspar to evaluate a collection of scores reputed to be the long-lost operas of Monteverdi, he’s intrigued. Until he receives a similar request from the Empress Maria Theresa. Skeptical of the value of Kaspar’s bequest, Haydn nevertheless offers to help. But before he can evaluate the music, Kaspar is murdered—brutally beaten and left to die in front of a wine tavern. The police are quick to dismiss the death as a robbery gone wrong. But Haydn is not so sure. Kaspar’s keys were stolen and his house broken into. Could his bequest be genuine after all? And can Haydn find the true operas—and the man willing to kill for them? 
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World-Building 101 by Simon Lindley

A guest post by fantasy writer Simon Lindley,  author of Mannethorn’s Key. I write and read a lot of crime fiction but I also read a lot of fantasy and thought you might like to explore a new fantasy voice with me. The Realm, The Land, Middle Earth, Narnia – I presume you have spent some time visiting at least one of them. I know I have. And, if all goes well with the ‘travel brochures’, Drageverden will soon be another fantasy ‘tourist’ destination. However, I expect people will only visit if the place promises immersive adventure! World-building in fantasy is as critical to a plot as character development. When done well, it can transport the reader so absolutely that they yearn for the pl...
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Spirit Animals: The White Owl

What happens if you are told that your spirit animal is a white owl?  What happens if you recognize that you have a white owl without anyone even telling you?  What does that mean?  As we explore the meaning of this animal totem/spirit, remember to look at the reference section for proper crediting. The owl in general is associated with feminine energy.  It is also symbolic of the moon and the night.  These birds also bring about magic, prophecy, and wisdom.  An owl totem allows a person to extract secrets.  For lack of a better comparison, they are like a lasso of truth. Taking again from Harris (2017), a person who has attracted an owl can usually “see what’s usually hidden to most. When t...
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Blogmas Bonus Tracks: “Christmas As I Know It” and “Silent Night”

As promised in yesterday’s Blogmas post about the Million Dollar Quartet , I’ll be sharing holiday music this week by Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and today’s tunes by Johnny Cash. In the first one, Johnny reflects on his Christmases as a sharecropper in Dyess, Arkansas.  In the second, he sings with his daughters.  enjoy! Original link

The Archivist — Chapter 13

Chapter 13 With a grunt, Lennie set the last box of books on the cart. “That’s all of them.” Nickie checked the clipboard and the number on the box. “Yep. How did you manage to collect so much stuff?” The squeaking wheels accompanied them to the elevator. “I’m sort of a pack rat. I hate to get rid of anything.” A Scryer emerged from the elevator. “Lennie, congratulations on your promotion.” A black outline surrounded the man and Nickie moved behind Lennie. That’s the guy I saw in the cafeteria yesterday. “Thanks, Stan. How you doing?” “I’m doing fine. I rarely come down here, but I needed to look something up.” “This is Nickie Atlan, my Archivist Apprentice.” He held out his hand. “Lynda tol...
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Welcome to Tuesday Blog Share. Today, we’re going to be talking about a major giveaway. Are you still searching for a special gift for your teen? Have you thought about ebooks? Your teen can read them on the Kindle app on their phone. And, what’s even better, if you click the link below, you have the opportunity to get not one but two ebooks that will keep them happy for hours! Join the Giveaway Here! That’s right. It’s giveaway time again. This time, for the Holiday Of Books, we’re going to focus on teens. Canoples Investigations Adventures in Space 1 covers this intrepid group of teen space investigators as they solve one mystery after another on Canoples Station. On the other hand, if you...
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Historical Fiction Book Review: Lies Told in Silence by M. K. Tod

Available on Amazon US and Amazon UK Paris 1914: Half the city expects war while the other half scoffs at the possibility. With knowledge gained from his role at the War Department, Henri Noisette fears that Germany may soon attack Paris. He therefore sends his wife, mother and two younger children to a small village in northern France. The novel examines love and loss, duty and sacrifice and the unexpected consequence of lies. This is one of the most moving and engaging books I have read in a very long time. A sense of historical inevitability forms a backdrop to events throughout the book, yet although the reader may know about the decisive battles it is timely, in the centenary of the out...
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Special Guest Interview with Author Samantha Wilcoxson

New on  Amazon UK  and  Amazon US Margaret Beaufort is remembered as a pious and formidable woman. Before she was the king's mother, she was a young wife who was desperate to secure her son's future. Take a peek into the life of Margaret Beaufort before she dreamed of a Tudor dynasty. Today I would like to welcome author Samantha Wilcoxson: Tell us about your latest book My latest release is a novella featuring Margaret Beaufort. She is famous - or perhaps infamous - for being the formidable mother of Henry Tudor, but The Last Lancastrian is a glimpse of her as a young wife and mother with timeless hopes and dreams that I believe we can all relate to. My portrayal of Margaret became more neg...
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Blog Tour: The Marriage of Miss Jane Austen: A Novel by a Gentleman, by Collins Hemingway

Available on Amazon UK and Amazon US Everyone should marry once for love – Even Jane Austen Jane Austen, single and seemingly comfortable in the role of clergyman’s daughter and aspiring writer in the early 1800s, tells friends and family to hold out for true affection in any prospective relationship. Everybody, she says, has a right to marry once in their lives for love. But when, after a series of disappointing relationships, the prospect of true love arrives for her, will she have the courage to act? The Marriage of Miss Jane Austen re-imagines the life of England’s archetypal female by exploring what might have happened if she had ever married.  It shows how a meaningful, caring relation...
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#Interview With Vanessa Ravel!

Hey Everyone!! :-) Vanessa Ravel is with us, today. Vanessa, can you please tell us about yourself and how many books you have written? Vanessa: I’m an epidemiologist by trade and training but a fiction writer at heart. Recently I’ve chosen to focus more on my writing, which I have unfortunately up to now neglected in favor of more traditional career choices. Truth be told, I’ve been a storyteller as long as I can remember (scientist, not so much). Before I could hold a pencil straight, I used to write and draw story “books” bound with staples and scotch tape. While I don’t write about about Disneyland and dog picnics anymore (my subject material is a bit heavier nowadays), I do still enjoy ...
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The 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways – Day 3

Visit the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways blog to win great prizes including eBooks, gift card, swag, and more! Today’s featured giveaway is an eBook copy of the Merry Ever After Collection by Donna McDonald. Our grand prize giveaway is a $100 Amazon Gift Card. Visit each day for more chances to win! Original link

An urge to leave behind some clue

I turned on my heels and hastened away. Soon I found myself in a wooded area. Worn out by the long, sleepless night I curled over my knees down at the root of a Beech tree. It was smooth to the touch, which brought back a memory of another forrest. I recalled how as a child I had been caught there, scoring the bark with my pocket knife. At the time, I had promised my father never to do that again.  And yet here I was, all these years later, with an urge to leave behind some clue, some evidence of my being here, just in case this journey would end badly for me.  I took out my bayonet and with it carved a big heart, into which I wrote, Natasha . One day when I am long gone, she might come here...
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Back on the Nile

I’m not a fan of Agatha Christie. I think what turned me off was starting with the Miss Marple mysteries, after viewing the old Margaret Rutherford movies. My late aunt, that was a great fan of Christie gave me an omnibus edition with a number of Miss Marple books, and I hated them. There. But as I think I already mentioned, I love the Poirot movies featuring Peter Ustinov, and when it comes to Death on the Nile, in my house we are divided – to me, nothing surpasses the Ustinov movie, while my brother, that is a David Suchet fan, prefers the TV movie. And now, while the world is talking about Murder on the Orient Express, I decided to go back to the original Death on the Nile novel. Christie...
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Park Home For Sale Scotland – No Chain

OFFERS OVER 70,000- GRAB A BARGAIN - NO CHAIN - VACANT POSSESSION - OWNERS ALREADY RELOCATED Worth in excess of £100,000 Continue reading → Original link

What is… Electric Eclectic (for Authors)

Before I talk about Electric Eclectic in detail, lets set the layout of the indie publishing ground. It is something like this….   I constantly hear writers say they are looking for new ways, or better ways, or alternative ways to market their books. I also hear many authors saying they would like to find an effective way to promote their books without spending a fortune. Not forgetting those who lament they never knew about a new initiative, or would have loved to be in at the beginning of… whatever it may be. In this post, I shall offer you one of those alternative ways… and the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something special… read on, but only if this is the type of opportu...
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Meet Eliza Jumel Burr, a True Rags to Riches Story, in my new Biographical Novel

A true rags-to-riches story: how “Bouncin’ Bet Bowen” George Washington’s daughter, became Eliza Jumel Burr, wife of Vice President Aaron Burr  and  New York City’s wealthiest woman While researching Hamilton, I became fascinated with his political nemesis Aaron Burr, which led to Aaron's last wife Eliza Bowen Jumel. Only a handful of biographies of her exist, so I learned as much as possible about her from these books and other sources I found. Eliza Jumel Burr, Vice Queen of the United States--On Sale at Amazon She came from the filthy streets of Providence and wound up owning to the grandest mansion in New York City, which has been Washington’s headquarters during the Revolutionary War an...
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Music Monday: The Million Dollar Quartet

Photo inside Sun Studios, taken by the author, September 2017 On Dec. 4, 1956, a gathering of music greats took place in a 20′ x 30′ room at 706 Union Street, Memphis, Tennessee.  That is the address of the legendary Sun Studios.  Fifty-nine years ago today, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Elvis Presley had a jam session that engineer Jack Clement was wise enough to record.  Because Elvis was under contract to RCA, releasing any of the material would have voided his contract.  Sam Phillips, owner of Sun, promised not to release the material … and it was not released until long after Elvis’ death.   Carl and Jerry Lee were there for a recording session; Carl was recording “Mat...
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Three ideas adding up

The idea of writing shorter fiction is not a bad one – there is a market out there that pays good money for stories under 2500 words. As I mentioned a few days back, I am a long-winded sort of writer, but I am working at my shorter fiction. And then there is AMARNA, and the idea I posted a while back, about doing something with Fantomah, the Daughter of the Pharaohs. And so I thought… One of the characters in AMARNA, the last to join the cast, is a self-styled adventurer, very loosely based on Leonard Clark, physically inspired by Ron Ely in his turn as Doc Savage, and called Tenn Ford. I think I told you how adding Tenn to the mix helped me balance the story and actually got me writing. Now...
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Signing #Books in #Falmouth! Holiday Shopping, Bingo, Raffles #CapeCod Cape Cod

I have a couple of events coming up this week...Wednesday the 6th, I'll be in Falmouth, at a Bingo Night and Holiday Shopping Event .   This is always a good time!  The suggested donation is $20 (proceeds this month go to West Falmouth Preschool), and that gets you 20 games (wear red and green or something holiday-themed for a bonus card!). Complimentary light appetizers and a cash bar and buffet too! The entire room is lined with vendor and artist tables, and in December, the shopping will extend to other rooms as well! Where do I fit in to this event?  There are a whole bunch of local artists and vendors setting up for shopping before and in between the games, and we've all donated to the ...
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