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Here We Are & There We Go
a list with 1 item created by Jill Dobbe Jill Dobbe on October 23, 2018
At sunup each morning, I peeled my eyes open the second I heard the call to prayer resound through the air. At 7:00 A.M., I walked out to a rare quiet Cairo street and waited for the van to pick me up. Climbing onto the van, I found a seat alongside other Muslim and foreign teachers, where I was one of only a few not wearing hijab. It was Sunday morning and another Islamic week of disciplining rich, apathetic students, was about to begin. Traveling across the globe to work in an international school in Cairo, Egypt, was not exactly the glamorous lifestyle I thought it would be. I cherished my travels to the Red Sea, delighted in visiting the Pyramids, and appreciated the natural wonders of the Nile River. However, I also spent days without electricity or internet, was leered at by rude Egyptian men, breathed in Cairo's cancerous black smog, and coaxed school work from students. KIDS, CAMELS, & CAIRO is a lighthearted read about Jill Dobbe's personal experiences as an educator abroad. Whether you're an educator, a traveler, or just a curious reader, you will be astounded at this honest and riveting account of learning to live in an Islamic society, while confronting the frustrating challenges of being an educator in a Muslim school
a list with 1 item created by Mel King Mel King on October 19, 2018
For more than a century and a half since the end of that War, for the most part Southerners have almost reverently referred to the Civil War as “The Lost Cause”, and to its military leaders [Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, etc.] as heroes. The author leaves it up to the reader to decide whether they should be remembered as valiant heroes or traitors to the United States. What is certain is that their actions led to the devastation of the South and a legacy of bigotry and oppression of blacks for far more than a century. Inspired by recent often violent disputes about displaying the Confederate flag in state and local government areas, and monuments to Confederate military and political ‘heroes’ in public parks and government buildings, Mel King wrote this novel. Set against a background of actual historical events, a young doctor experiences the horrors of a war that pitted family members against each other, countrymen against countrymen. He realizes the truth of the phrase coined by Union General Sherman: “War is Hell.” He concludes that the primary motivation of the South in starting the War was to preserve the abominable institution of slavery. Author King shows how military leaders on both sides failed to recognize that recent advancement in the accuracy and capabilities of weapons of war made the predominantly practiced Napoleonic tactics obsolete. The result was massive deaths and casualties on both sides, enhanced by some seemingly uncaring generals. The novel raises the issue of whether the South’s military leaders should be remembered as heroes or as traitors to our nation. It also shows a dark side of Confederate General Lee who, possibly due to his belief in his infallibility and/or lack of understanding how new weapons made Napoleonic tactics obsolete, ignored the pleadings of his second-in-command and ordered thousands of his troops on a suicidal mission. The novel also shows that the War changed medical science and treatment from a prewar condition that had changed little in over a thousand years, to the first steps forward into modern medicine, with recognition of the importance of sanitary conditions, the use of anesthetics during surgery, and the keeping of detailed medical records. This is revealed as the reader follows the life and deeds of a fictional character, a young medical student who joins the Union Army and experiences the horrors and successes of the War as a surgeon in the Medical Corps. As with his previous books, the author hopes that his new novel will inspire an interest in history, because, in the words of George Santayana: “THOSE WHO CANNOT REMEMBER THE PAST ARE CONDEMNED TO REPEAT IT.”
a list with 3 items created by Nellie Cake Nellie Cake on October 18, 2018
Horrifying and shocking.
a list with 3 items created by Nellie Cake Nellie Cake on October 18, 2018
Shocking and horrifying.
Hair Brained
a list with 2 items created by Amelie Regis Amelie Regis on October 16, 2018
a list with 5 items created by Vihang A. Naik Vihang A. Naik on October 14, 2018
Enters Limca Book of Records : 2016
a list with 4 items created by Birgit  K Stubblefield Birgit K Stubblefield on October 14, 2018
a list with 1 item created by MK Staple MK Staple on October 03, 2018
Judas George is a tragic figure born of a seriously dysfunctional and poor family. A catastrophic family tragedy blows his world apart, and he escapes the Smoky Mountains with his sister Lara in the hope of finding a better life! Another tumultuous event separates Judas George and Lara. Years pass! Lara's new life and not knowing who she is may be the biggest obstacle to their eventual renunion!
a list with 1 item created by MK Staple MK Staple on October 03, 2018
Legacy of Evil takes you into the world of Dana Elliott who was brutally raped by two serial killers. She had the misfortune of becoming pregnant with twins as a result of the rape! See how Dana and her twin scope with the reality of being victims themselves and the shame that comes from the children of monsters!
JC Brennan
a list with 1 item created by JC   Brennan JC Brennan on October 01, 2018
It starts with the discovery of a body – a beautiful young woman. After a particularly nasty unsolved murder in New York left him shaken and suffering from amnesia, Detective Levi Sterling moved to the small town of Alger in an attempt to rewrite his life. Today, a decade later, he’s tasked with solving a string of hauntingly familiar murders. According to the town’s only medical examiner, it appears to be the work of an animal, though Sterling’s mysterious new neighbor claims otherwise. It's a case that makes Sterling question everything––including his sanity. But when the medical examiner vanishes, he’s left to wonder, is she a hapless victim, or a criminal mastermind?
182 results - showing 1 - 10
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