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Action & Adventure

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Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed writing fiction, and have had many novels in the works always. I have written many technical manuals, and technical evaluations for my main career. Now that I am at retirement age, I am enjoying completing the novels I started.
Larry "Animal" Garner is a Colorado native, a US Navy veteran (the source of his nickname), a biker, hotrodder, welder, fabricator, custom painter, charity fundraiser, and a published author of the "Hammer" series of crime/action thrillers. A story-teller of some renown in his crowd, he refused to put his many...
Middle-Grade Fiction Author
Author of middle grade to adult stories, mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, steampunk...
James D. Maxon
James D. Maxon (1977-Present) was born at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, Alaska. His parents were divorced when he was three-years-old. Raised in a strictly female household, James grew up in the midst of mental illness and depression. He, himself, struggled in school due to a learning disability. Without...
J. R. Emmerling
In a world where Dragons - Gods once ruled, it all came to an end when a Great War nearly tore the world apart, but now humans and lizardiods have claimed the world. Two millenia later, an old enemy has began plotting to take over the world that brings new...
Sean Farley
Sean Farley is an author living in Detroit, Michigan. “Pandemonium” is his debut novel. He attended Wayne State University where he received his master’s degree in English. He has also written for The Detroit News.
Elisa Hansen
Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, Elisa Hansen was curious about other worlds. The travel bug bit her young, and she spent her early years with a pack on her back and hiking boots on her feet. Beyond exploring she loves to dance, cook, eat, learn other languages and paint....
Nicholas Sumner
Details of The Herring Barrel can be found at
Milt Mays
Milt Mays was winner of the Paul Gillette Writers Award in 2011. He grew up in Colorado, graduated from the Naval Academy and traveled the world as a Navy doctor. Two prequel novels are: The Next Day and Dan’s War. His website is
James Masciarelli
James Masciarelli is a writer, entrepreneur, and storyteller with deep experience of the human condition from his work with individuals, families, and organizations in crisis, growth and change. Writing and use of story enabled him to move ideas through organizations in his social work, human resource, and business career. His...
Michael Tyler
Mr. Michael Tyler was born in Richmond, VA, on the twelfth of March in the 1950 (he was only nine months old). He was reared in an environment full of racial and geopolitical fear. Black people were afraid of and hated White people, White people feared and hated Black people,...
Debbie Renner
I have listed a YouTube book video below:
Drea Damara
Born and raised on a farm in rural Illinois, Drea Damara spent much of her youth outdoors, exploring the wilderness in her family's woods. She began writing poetry at an early age and was first published at sixteen. She put writing aside to join the military, where she...
Kenneth Joel Teicher
The author and his wife have been traveling the world for more than forty-five years. Trips to historic geological sites have always fascinated him; from the Roman Forum in Italy, the Acropolis in Greece, the fantastic ancient city of Ephesus in Turkey, the ruins in Carthage Tunisia, the fabulous Egyptian...
Kitty Boyes
Kitty writes from on the picturesque coast of Western Australia. Her debut novel 'Her Mother's Sins', published November 2015 is already a hit with romantic thriller readers. Kitty promised her followers a sequel for 2016. She delivered 'Her Fathers Daughter' a gripping mystery suspense....
With six novels and a couple of novelettes I have a variety of novels for the discernin greader. Unsure? Take a peek at my Electric Eclectic novelettes - they are designed to provide an insight into my writing prowess. EE showcases selected authors whose novelettes are subjected to strict quality...
Husam A. Lutfi
I live in Montreal and work as a Senior Analyst at a big 4 company. My work takes up a lot of my time but when I have a chance I spend my time writing. I am an avid reader and big potter head! Growing up in Dubai before moving...
Michael Finocchiaro
Gramble Thyssen's life gets entangled with that of his cousin Samuel and a beautiful and mysterious French women in this exciting story which takes place in exotic Paris and tropical Miami and even in Tokyo.
Evie Bowen is an author of sexy romance. When she’s not writing, she loves browsing in bookshops, a good double espresso and long walks in the countryside. She lives in Essex, UK.
538 results - showing 1 - 20
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