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Top three things that define me The idea that we are here to use our time in ways that will leave the world better in some way because we were in it. Working with that premise, I assert that we must be productive, proactive, and proficient. Each life has...
Russell C Brennan
Russell C. Brennan is an established Multi-platform artist. He is a published author of the book 'Music Business Bastards' (How to do well in the music business without getting ripped off) which has been successful on 3 occasions and He had 2 popular novel releases 'Adventures of A Dark Duke;...
Avi Sirlin
Avi Sirlin holds degrees in biology and law. For more than 15 years, he operated a law practice in downtown Toronto, with an emphasis on immigration, refugee and criminal law. He closed his practice in order to focus more on writing. Avi currently lives in Victoria, British Columbia. The Evolutionist...
Mary Hamer
Mary travels widely and has given talks in many countries. She has been interviewed on television and radio programmes for the BBC, most recently to tell the world about Trix, Rudyard Kipling’s sister. Passionate about research, she’s published four non-fiction books. But it was Rudyard Kipling who lit her imagination...
Dona Diabla
Biography I am a 29 year old erotica writer/phone actress/virtual findom/erotic machinima director looking to become the next De Sade, Virginia Brindis de Salas, Baudelaire, and Antonin Artaud at the same time. I write weird, erotic,taboo,and Decadent fiction for my open-minded customers.Looking for a custom taboo...
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Jacky Donovan
Author of 2 brilliant but diverse books - from cat o'nine tails to cat of many tales.
Olea Nel
Olea Nel is the author of Andrew Murray: Destined to Serve, a new Christian biographical fiction novel.
the true story of a giant Welsh warrior knight torn between his devotion to Wales and the English House of York during the Wars of the Roses in the 15th century.
Leslie E. Stern
Living with a Legend is the non-fiction musings of Leslie E. Stern growing up in a multi-ethnic home amidst the genius of Iwao Takamoto, designer of Scooby-Doo and 85% of the Hanna-Barbera characters we all know and love.
June Collin
Author of The Khaki Mafia and Goodbye Junie Moon
Andrea N. Carr
Los Angekes Author, Revitalizes The American Literature Greats Family Tree the Novel is a different family saga , Family Tree is the debut subtitle based on the memoirs of the author with some creative writing.. This literary fiction author has been compared to Raymond Carver with...
JZ Murdock 2018
Speculative Fiction writer and author of the Macabre, Science Fiction, and Horror, JZ Murdock, Bringing My Nightmares to Your Reality since 1990.
Corri Van De Stege
Living in Isfahan, Iran before and during the revolution in the 70s - A Dutch national married to an Iranian university professor.
Yohannes Ishi by Nabse Bamato.jpg
Born in Ethiopia but raised in the UK, Yohannes goes back to Addis Ababa as a grown man to find his roots.
Sarah Jane Butfield
Could we maintain our positivity and family values as life events and Mother Nature seemed determined to destroy us? This is our story.
Dwayne Epstein
Dwayne Epstein is the author of a number of young adult biographies, covering such celebrity personalities as Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, Hilary Swank, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and Denzel Washington for Lucent Books' "People in the News" series. Epstein also contributed to Bill Krohn's bestselling books "Hitchcock at Work" and...
“Swimming Naked” is cast in a time when it was fun to be a kid. A time when the two main rules were: Do your chores, and get your fanny home when the street lights come on. A time when there were no organize sports. Baseball, football, or what ever...
Author of Lincoln's Story
Simon Woolcot
Simon Woolcot
50 results - showing 1 - 20
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