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Java Davis
Primarily author of fiction, with one short, non-fiction memoir.
Jan Sikes
Award winning author, Jan Sikes, writes true stories in a creative and entertaining way. Her current project is a trilogy which chronicles her life with veteran Texas musician, Rick Sikes. She also releases music CDs with each book .At a very early age, she developed a love for reading. It...
Karm Arger
I am an independent writer who works to his own time-table. Although three of my books have already been published I will be writing many more of which some may be in the form of plays for the theatre or scripts for the celluloid screen.
Thomas Jerome Baker
Thomas Jerome Baker has written the following genres: English Language Teaching, EFL, ESL, ELL, TESOL, IATEFL, middle-grade, young adult, romance, fantasy, short stories, historical fiction, autobiographical, and sports history/biography.
Lee Edward McIlmoyle
Lee writes novels and short stories in mainstream, literary, science fiction, fantasy, detective mysteries, espionage, some psychological and supernatural horror, more erotica than he would like to admit, and has dabbled in YA and fairy tales.
Waking up in hospital, covered in drips and drains, Kym realises that life really is too short. Turning down a great opportunity and saying goodbye to the rat race, she ups sticks with her 18 year old son and throws herself headfirst into pastures new without the slightest bit...
Earl B. Russell
Synopsis of Book (back cover copy for paperback) In Cold Turkey at Nine: The Memoir of a Problem Child, Earl B. Russell traces his unimaginable life in the American Heartland through often zany and introspective accounts, shifting dreams, horrific tragedies, and soul-searching life lessons. Beginning with his mother’s funeral preparations...
Carol Corsini Ervin
The Lighter Side of MS--Life, Laughter, and Sucking It Up is so much more than a book about having MS. It's a funny, yet touching look at life, from the point of view of an eternal optimist who spins misfortune into gold. What's so funny about MS? Well, Carol lets...
Roger Bishop
This is my first novel, although I have previously written alternative travel articles under another name. I was fortunate to find a publisher, that shared my belief that it was a story worth writing about. I hope that there will be many more after this one.
Ambra Celeste
Life can grant the most unusual wish. Ambra set off to London looking for the chance to break free and follow her heart true desires. Little she knew that her inexperience in life and her bizarre desires were going to be an unwise combination that would have forced her to...
Lou Kief
I think it’s time to start giving back. My writing makes me feel like I’m leaving something significant behind… telling stories and bringing people to life on the pages of a book so they will never be forgotten….simple, ordinary and extraordinary, loving human beings who deserve to be remembered....
Solomon Deep
Elements - Embarking on a road trip to meet a famous television evangelist, Alan Levy drops out of college and explores the multifaceted diversity of American culture, attempting to make sense of the world around him. Elements is a novel that spans a year in the life of the ignorant...
Robert Thomas Doran
This book is an odyssey through mental illness. Having its origin in a severe emotional trauma, the main character spirals from depression into a deep emotional abyss. In that darkness he struggles and resists impulses to commit acts of violence, as well as suicide. His descent lands him in...
Natalie Buske Thomas
Artist (oil painter) and author of 26+ books in the Savannah, GA area. Watch Natalie paint online ~ available for painting demos, interviews, TV appearances! YouTube: Natalie is also available for workshops and guest appearances. "Accidental Comedienne" is a workshop about how Natalie uses her everyday comedic moments as...
Scott Adlai Stevenson
cott Adlai Stevenson is a third cousin to the man who once ran for president. Scott was born in Hollywood, California in 1954. His family spent a couple of years in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, but the bulk of his childhood was spent in Southern California. At the ripe old...
Love Wise Cover.jpg
Dreamers ,believers,and truth seekers follow your dreams for they are the truth .Peace ,ONE Love , & BLESSINGS
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Born, raised, and educated in Lincoln, Nebraska USA Laurel A. Rockefeller is author of over twenty books published and self-published since August, 2012 and in languages ranging from Welsh to Spanish to Chinese and everything in between. A dedicated scholar and biographical historian, Ms. Rockefeller is passionate about education and...
Terran D. Jackson
Enjoying this amazing journey.
Michael Lancaster
This book presents a family point of view on the tumultuous life of John Ringling, who was shadowed by his best friend who eventually took John's family enterprise and threw him of the lot of his own show.
Karim El Koussa
My work is a mixture of Religion, History, Philosophy, Spirituality and Esoteric inner insights. Life itself is nothing but a deep hidden insight, emerging out of the Mind of God, a Journey, which I am trying to discover - a strange, yet magnificent Journey inside the Human Life. It has...
50 results - showing 21 - 40
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