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Ronald Joseph Kule
CHEF TELL BIOGRAPHY SYNOPSIS: "If bombs raining on Stuttgart and empty years of near-starvation had not killed him; if family opposing his dream to cook for others could not deter him; if ducking the crush of physical blows, verbal zingers and...
J K Slater
to be updated
Catana Tully
Tristine Rainer, Director of the Center for Autobiographic Studies; Author of The New Diary and your Life as story
Lawrence D. Elliott
Lawrence D. Elliott is an author whose work has appeared in many popular books, including four books from the best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series. His words can also be read at The Huffington Post, The Dean's Report, and Technorati. He's also been interviewed for such radio shows...
Philip Whiteland
Take a trip back to a different place and time. Where crowds of hunched and oddly dressed youths would probably be train-spotters, where you could have a reign of terror on a Sunday afternoon just by riding your cast-iron scooter across the blue brick pavement, and where the height...
Diem Burden Profile pic.jpg
I have been amazed by the success of my first short-story. There is no greater motivator in life than success, no matter how small. The follow up to this book was released in November 2013, with book 3 anticipated for release in early 2014. The final two...
Alisa Statman
The revealing, emotionally raw account of the aftermath of one of America's most infamous crimes--The Manson Murders. Sharon Tate was a promising young actress, a Golden Globe nominee for her work in Valley of the Dolls, and the beautiful wife of Roman Polanski. On August...
Charles Ota Heller
A true, riveting adventure and moving recollection of a loving family nearly destroyed by the Nazis. An inspirational story of a different kind of Holocaust survivor. Son of a mixed marriage, the author was born in Czechoslovakia three years before the German occupation of his...
Louise Hicks
Louise Hicks is a Motivational Speaker, Coach, Mentor, and award winning author of the critically acclaimed true story “A Hill to Climb – A Teenager’s Battle with Cancer, Depression, and Drug Addiction” – Journaling to ease the frustration and agony inspired “A Hill to Climb” – In this...
50 results - showing 41 - 50
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