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Reyna Favis
REYNA FAVIS holds a Ph.D. in biology and brings a scientist’s critical eye to the unseen world, imposing logical consistency and mechanistic detail to the unexplained. A proud and militant introvert, Reyna exerts her power as mistress of the dark arts of introversion through her blog, Introvert Broadcasting Network. When...
Davide Mana
Born in Turin, Italy, 1967, Davide Mana studied science in Turin, London and Bonn; he holds a PhD in Geology and served his country playing Dungeons & Dragons in the Air Force. Through the years Davide has been a call center operator, language teacher, scarecrow,...
Davide Mana Featured
Vincent Morrone
Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, Vincent Morrone now resides in Upstate NY with his wife. (Although he can still speak fluent Brooklynese.) His twin daughters remain not only his biggest fans, but usually are the first to read all of his work. Their home is run and operated for...
Debbie L. Moore
Flip This Ghost – Desire knows no boundaries. Friends are not always who they appear. Some secrets are better left dead and buried . . . Anna Westicon, a recent divorcée, plans to make a fresh start by renovating...
SM Blooding
SM Blooding lives in Colorado with her pet rock, Rockie, and her two birds, Jack and Moose. She has three new additions to the house. Mr. Dork and his two adorable daughters, Thing 1 and Thing 2. Between yarn projects, building forts, creating jellyfish cities, helping other authors, and following...
M.L. Harveland
M.L. Harveland is a freelance editor and writer with a Master’s degree in English Literature. Her first novel, The Seventh Soul (2011), won the 2012 Indie Reader Award in Paranormal Fiction at the International Book Expo in New York, NY. Though born and raised in North Dakota, she now resides...
Iona Morrison
The Harvest Club and Not for Sale are book one and two of the Blue Cove Mystery series. I've enjoyed getting to know these characters and have enjoyed writing their stories. I love the whole writing process and seeing a story come to life in my words. I challenge...
Pamela Turner
Pamela Turner drinks too much coffee and wishes she could write perfect first drafts. Influenced by shows like Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Thriller, and Twilight Zone, she writes paranormal suspense. Publications include the short novels Death Sword, a finalist in the Chanticleer Book Reviews’ Blue Ribbon Paranormal Awards 2013, Exterminating Angel...
Drac Von Stoller
Drac Von Stoller-Bio Drac Von Stoller's imagination and fascination for the Horror genre began when he was a little boy watching his favorite actors such as Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Bela Lugosi on his little black and white television alone in his dark room....
Tiffany Apan
Tiffany Apan grew up among the thick forests of the Appalachian Mountains in Northeastern Pennsylvania. It was there she began honing artistic abilities and received much of her creative inspiration. A misfit among her peers (she was the only one in her fifth grade writing class obsessed enough with Vikings...
Angel Nichols
Angel L. Nichols is a published author and illustrator and is the exclusive cover artist for Annie Acorn Publishing, LLC. She was born in 1986 to a military family, and was drawing on walls by her fourth birthday. At the age of seven the local newspaper published her response to...
Ron Shaw
Ron Shaw is an Atlanta, Georgia, native who currently resides in Gwinnett County, Georgia, with his wife and daughter. He attended Roosevelt High School in Atlanta and continued his education at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia for two years. Ron met his future wife in Atlanta after his second year...
Azzurra Nox
Born in Catania, Sicily, she has led a nomadic life since birth. She has lived in various European cities and Cuba, and currently resides in the Los Angeles area. Always an avid reader and writer from a young age, she loved entertaining her friends with ghost stories. She loves horror...
I don't write in one specific Genre. I like to let my imagination run wild and take me to many different worlds. I have Two different book series out right now. The Grey Vision Series is about a detective that is able to communicate with spirits. The other, A...
Nicci Rae
Quirky and pacy stories which are darker than an English country road and twistier than earbud wires!
Danita Minnis
Paranormal romancer living in the wrong era. More comfortable with love, lust and ghosts through the ages.
Journey through the Storm
Books, Journey through the Storm, Screenplays
Lauren Shiro
Stories of Love Without Boundaries
Author of Broken Mirror and currently working on his next novel.
M.M. Justus
Adventures in time and the Old West.
141 results - showing 1 - 20  
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