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I am a fantasy author of books Lucy Wickshire and The Sister In White. I also am a web novel author of To Walk the mist.
The three stories of my little book, DANGLING PROPOSITIONS: "The Superstoic" "Instrument" "Not to Behold", are meant to challenge perceptions of the "criminally taciturn," a "plasmamorph," and an "imperceptible man."
Top three things that define me The idea that we are here to use our time in ways that will leave the world better in some way because we were in it. Working with that premise, I assert that we must be productive, proactive, and proficient. Each life has...
My novel Hy Brasil, Island of Eternity is out on January 3, 2019 Publisher: Black Rose Writing ISBN: 978-1-68433-183-3 Available now for PreOrder on the website of Black Rose Writing with a 15% off discount by using the code PREORDER2018 It's also available for Preorder with...
I am a retired law enforcement officer from the state of Texas. I am now starting a new career as a creative writer. I have just published my first novel, "Secrets of Time".
Along with William Carlos Williams, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, and Victor Cruz, Joe English is a proud son of Paterson, New Jersey (with one "t.") He came of age in Mexico City, Mexico. He worked as a ranch hand at the Wild Horn Ranch in Florissant, Colorado. He has a B....
Delia Remington
When Delia was five years old, her teacher asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, and she replied, “I want to be a writer and tell stories.” That desire never changed, though it’s manifested in many different ways throughout the years. Delia lives in a big old...
David Salvi
David Salvi is the author of indie theological action/adventure novels, The Revelation series (The Revelation; The Revelation: Rise of the Fallen), which are thrill rides from start to finish. He hails from the Chicagoland area. A Midwestern upbringing, a healthy Catholic education (from kindergarten through college at Loyola University...
Craig Chambers
In his junior year in college, Craig Chambers attended the University of Leeds in England. He did not attend a single class, traveled around Europe instead. He came back and took the final exams, only to be disappointed that he got a 1 in English. He later learned that “First...
Oscar Patton
Oscar Patton is the author of the Satilla County series of novels. He says, "I use history, memory, and imagination to create regional stories with universal, timeless themes. As William Faulkner put it, I write about the 'human heart in conflict with itself.'"
J.F. Riordan
J.F. Riordan was born in New Jersey and first moved to Michigan, then Wisconsin as a child. At the age of 14 she decided to become an opera singer, and was fortunate in the aftermath to have been able to sing. At 16, after two years of high school, she...
janet garber
Janet Garber, formerly a Chief HR Officer, has had her fiction, articles, essays, book and movie reviews and poems published widely in print and online. Her book, I Need a Job, Now What? (Silver Lining Books) is a how-to guide to seeking employment, and her new book, Dream Job,...
Marylee MacDonald
I love to read books as well as write them, but having to deal with social media gives me less time than I would like. I have a Master's in Creative Writing, but I spent many years working as a carpenter and then working for home improvement magazines. That background...
Robert Joe Stout
Poet, fiction writer and journalist, Robert Joe Stout’s books include the novels Miss Sally, Running Out the Hurt and Where Gringos Don’t Belong. Three nonfiction books about the culture and politics of Mexico have appeared since 2003 in addition to articles, essays and creative nonfiction in print and online...
Diana Stout
Screenwriter, author, and former English professor, Diana Stout, MFA, Ph.D. writes full-time and enjoys helping others become better writers. People say, "She smiles when she talks about writing." She's placed and won awards in multiple genres having written romance, fiction, nonfiction, newspaper and magazine columns, plays, poetry, and screenplays,...
RA Winter
Writers of many genres. Most are about Native Americans.
Dr Hari Om
Dr. Hari Om is one of the gems that our India has ever produced. An ordinary boy born in the small village, known as “Katari” in the district of Sultanpur Uttar Pradesh, had extraordinary talents which are yet to be polished. Being good in studies he mutates...
Kate Frost
Kate Frost has wanted to be an author ever since she wrote her first novel during the long months she spent off school following open heart surgery when she was seven. The novel was called London's Burning and was a time travel story set during the Great Fire of London....
Devon Ellington
The world is a fascinating place and I hope you'll explore it with me through story!
L.M.Giannone is a writer, poet, and author based in San Francisco, CA.
251 results - showing 1 - 20
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