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Kasey Hill's so easy writing character synopsises than what it is to summarize myself up in bio. I have always had a passion for words. When I was little my kindergarten teacher had a parent teacher conference with my mom wanting to put me in an accelerated reading program. She noticed...
Dr. Brent Davis
"The Floral Hand of God" is Dr. Brent's latest book that reveals the easiest and fastest way of using flower essences to eliminate your negative subconscious memories and limiting beliefs.
D. A. Cunningham
I use a descriptive writing style and hope to paint scenes in which readers can immerse themselves.
Vella Day
Enjoy the fantasy.
Keith Milstead
Keith Milstead is in his mid-50s but is just now feeling his oats as an author; born and raised in East Texas where he particularly loves the Hill Country although he relocated to Colorado with his wife of 16 years.
Pertinent to current life and trends in medicine, this first fiction from JACHMD is about a possible HIV cure.
Willie Stewart
Healthcare Has a New Villain Exposed by Author Willie L. Stewart's Novel 'taRNished' Willie Stewart a critical care Registered Nurse from Wesley Chapel, Florida. Killing patients in the ICU became a thrill for Dale, RN until his equally prolific murdering mother started feeling threatened by his new girlfriend while working...
Lena M. Pate
Maggie is a quirky yet somewhat introverted clinical laboratory scientist, who by day works for the Dallas County Morgue, but by night is starting her own private detective agency. For extra work, she assists the police as a freelance photographer for the Dallas Criminal Investigations Division. She always wanted...
Sara York
Book Cover
Dawn Jackson
J'aimee Brooker
A creative and commercial writer by trade; J’aimee also authors novellas and short stories focused within the contemporary romance genre and incorporating themes of travel, intrigue, and suspense.
Elise VanCise, Author
Elise VanCise author, public speaker, social media maven, published in print and digital media. Elise is a Florida Cracker and homeschooling mom with a love for mini adventures. NaNoWriMo Municipal Liaison for Lake County, Founder of Lake Writers of Lake County, Florida, Member of MFRWorg, SheWrites, Coffee Time Romance Brew...
Mr Ram Gulrajani
Working on my 4th book and continuing to market my books between life and work
S.Q. Cheever, MD
Book Description “Torn from tomorrow’s headlines.” A 21st century bioterrorist attack threatens the US Homeland. The nation and its leaders are scared. There’s no explanation. Birth defects skyrocket, and strange illnesses and appetites resurface from our...
Anne Griffith
Concealed among the general population of present day Albuquerque, a serial killer probes the streets at night slaughtering expectant mothers, slicing and kidnapping their unborn babies from their womb. The hard-core, veteran detective who has been chasing this monster for a year suddenly finds himself personally involved when he...
Author J.J.Brown writes contemporary fiction. Her first book, DEATH AND THE DREAM came out in 2011 as a collection of short stories. VECTOR A MODERN LOVE STORY is her first novel, on coming of age in the time of the HIV epidemic in NYC. Her second novel AMERICAN DREAM is...
16 results - showing 1 - 16