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Men's Adventure

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Mohamed Nabil
A middle child in a middle class family, grew up to become a workaholic Marketing Consultant, the best friend of my own laptop, and a highly social extrovert in a previous life. I write about business, politics, philosophy, human behavior, and a few other relevant/irrelevant fields. One's imagination...
Davide Mana
Born in Turin, Italy, 1967, Davide Mana studied science in Turin, London and Bonn; he holds a PhD in Geology and served his country playing Dungeons & Dragons in the Air Force. Through the years Davide has been a call center operator, language teacher, scarecrow,...
Davide Mana Featured
Ray Palla
Ray Palla worked twenty-seven years, from the age of fifteen as a broadcast news reporter for several top-rated Texas radio stations including KVET/KASE in Austin and KIKK AM/FM in Houston. In 2016 Ray was nominated for inclusion in the Texas Radio Hall of Fame. Palla began...
Khali Raymond is an exceptional individual who had published a lot of work at a very young age. His serious and realistic writing style is just the icing on the cake when you’re indulging into him. Not only he’s into writing, but he has a muse for music and a...
Neil Russell
Neil Russell is the author of the Rail Black thriller novels. In addition to his novels, Neil authored the book, "Can I Still Kiss You?: Answering Your Children's Questions About Cancer," which grew out of his two successful battles with the disease.
Mat Nastos
Best selling Sci-Fi/Fantasy author.
Si Rosser
Si Rosser - Action-Adventure-Thriller writer
Alex Shaw
Kindle bestselling author of the Aidan Snow SAS thrillers 'Hetman' & 'Cold Black'
Ryan Goodrich
A controversial collection of poetry on modern warfare and American politics.
Craig Meggy
Craig Meggy is a Scottish independent author and writer of "The Key-Stone of the Bridge" a gripping tale woven with friendship, whisky and ghosts.
VH Folland
British author of adventure and suspense fiction
Percival Constantine
Action Fiction Author
Bobby Nash
Bobby Nash: Writer @ Large
Russell Brooks
The World's Deadliest Weapon Against Mankind Has Been Unleashed.
Ian Pattinson
Jumping from subject to subject like the fickle fella I am.
Adrian Wills
He should be the perfect spy. After all Ben Proctor has no idea of his true identity. He’s been planted deep undercover with a radical right-wing political party steadily increasing in popularity as the country’s anti-Muslim fervour grows. But when Proctor is recruited by a secretive neo-Nazi terrorist splinter group...
Christopher Fernandes
Author of the Magic series including Southern Magic and Desert Magic.
Iain Parke
Contemporary crime and political thriller author
Dennis F. Larsen
Dennis F. Larsen enjoys writing about real people in unique, almost insurmountable circumstances. An education steeped in science and a career of observation lend themselves well to the creation of human, likeable and engaging characters. You never know what to expect in a Dennis F. Larsen novel; no character...
Dennis J. Foote
An historically accurate journey through the lives of three men. Where Lively characters join in hair brained escapades, share their fair share of blunders and experience such poignant moments. A story that moves quickly along while leaving the reader wanting for more. Dr. Foote has created a tale where...
40 results - showing 1 - 20  
1 2