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Sea Stories

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Devon Ellington
The world is a fascinating place and I hope you'll explore it with me through story!
Michelle McMurrie
I’m a lefty British author who believes in equality. I write fiction without filler, because I have no interest in filler; life’s too short to write it, and I certainly wouldn’t want to waste anyone’s time expecting them to read it. My work is relatively short and to the point,...
Elizabeth Price was born in Southern California in the quiet town of Redlands. As an only child, she spent many hours creating stories to keep herself preoccupied. At age nine she decided to expand her creative outlet onto the stages of her school and local community theaters as a child...
Julia Laflin
Julia Laflin has never gone anywhere without a book since reading The Little Red Hen, at nursery school. As a child, all her pocket money was spent on books. She grew up by the sea in East Sussex, then moved to London at the age of 19 to work for...
Drac Von Stoller
Drac Von Stoller-Bio Drac Von Stoller's imagination and fascination for the Horror genre began when he was a little boy watching his favorite actors such as Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Bela Lugosi on his little black and white television alone in his dark room....
Jinx Schwartz
Hetta Coffey is a woman with a yacht, and not afraid to use it.
Jerry D. Mathes II
"Mathes turns his personal histories into works of mad, provocative art, so skillfully and innovatively turned that the reader will not let the stories go and, in the aftermath of reading, not turn them loose from memory."
Keith Milstead
Keith Milstead is in his mid-50s but is just now feeling his oats as an author; born and raised in East Texas where he particularly loves the Hill Country although he relocated to Colorado with his wife of 16 years.
Karen Perkins
Karen Perkins, Best Selling Author of Historical Fiction
Andrea C. Connolly
A cross-country voyage of a life in the tides of time enfolds. Beginning with fragments, vignettes, tales, flashbacks of childhood, the author is excavating the past, adding fragments of dark depths and raised sparks, and thus navigating into the present. In a transition of life through a language gateway...
Raif Wolfe
Writing all genre' and stories, keeping children's and young adults titles separate under the name Xaak Doyle with the site of XaakDoyle,com . Delivers strong characters in entertaining situations that are quick moving and realistic. From Action and Adventure, to Horror, Paranormal, erotic Thriller and even children's fantasy themes,...
Anastacia Moore
If you enjoy ghosts, horror, and adventure on the high seas, you will enjoy "Curse of The Salute". For tips and helpful information for Indie Authors, check out Anastacia Moore's blog on Wordpress. Independent authors have a voice, and it can be heard loud and clear on many sites....
Jon Broderick
There are several men named Jon Broderick that are successful, famous and many have web pages. However, this Jon Broderick is a screenwriter, novelist and survivor of more than seven decades of success, failure, bad judgment, good parenting and success again. Hopefully, these life experiences have made him a...
Elizabeth Delana Rosa
Author with Celestial Waters Publishing, the Indie Publisher for Indie Authors.
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Skeleton trees - Copy (483x640).jpg
I am an Aussie author. I write freelance for a magazine (articles and restaurant reviews) and also have an ongoing fiction series in a magazine. I love to write full length novels, but also love short fiction. Especially giving away said short fiction for free! I have no...
Author of YA fantasy and paranormal romance.
DC Mahoney
A 19-year old merchant mariner, Carl Coles, lands on the shores of Nova Scotia and meets Maureen Larson. Their meeting is brief and neither can possibly predict that, after saying good bye, they would play an integral role in shaping each other's future. Upon his return to...
Jack Durish
Jack Durish, author of "Rebels on the Mountain", "Infantry School: A Soldier's Journal", "Vietnam: A Soldier's Journal", and short stories
Martin Roy Hill
Martin Roy Hill is the author of mystery, thriller, and suspense stories and novels.
29 results - showing 1 - 20
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