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Brian K. Larson
Sparking imaginations, one book at a time...
Paul Challis
Born in 1975, Paul Challis is a Software Engineer by day, and a writer by night. Living near Huntington, Paul has a full house with one wife, two kids, one dog, four chickens and one rather under-loved vegetable garden. Working his way through his wife’s library of books, Paul only...
Ken Cressman
Ken Cressman has been an electrician, carpenter, plumber, sailor, high school teacher, graphic designer, photographer, actor, theatrical producer, set designer, and a retail manager, among other things. He has lived in Bucks County, Pennsylvania (home of Pearl S. Buck and James A. Michener); New York City; Norfolk, Virginia and Wilmington,...
The Huntress400x600.jpg
Kaitlin Hawthorne is the daughter of Astor Hawthorne, a powerful industrialist, whose company Hawthorne Industries controls the patent rights to a large percentage of current technological advances. While Astor's plan was to groom Kaitlin to assume the CEO position upon his retirement, their ethical and philosophical differences have caused Astor...
Cover Page
Pangaea is set in a future world 200 years from now where global corporations rule under the banner of a single, integrated government. The world is carved into utilitarian zones for commerce, agriculture and manufacturing. Migration between these zones is tightly controlled. Humans are implanted with a number of chips...
Carol Van Natta
Science Fiction & Fantasy Author
J.D. Lee
J.D. Lee is an author of Science Fiction based in Los Angeles, CA.
Leigh Teale
Author of speculative fiction and alternative history.
D. A. Cunningham
I use a descriptive writing style and hope to paint scenes in which readers can immerse themselves.
Philip Charles Stephens
Author of Science Fiction and Fantasy.
Si Rosser
Si Rosser - Action-Adventure-Thriller writer
Joe MacKinnon
One sentence summary.
Joanne Jaytanie
Joanne was born and raised in Sherburne, New York, a quaint village surrounded by dairy farms and rolling hills. From the moment she could read she wanted to explore the world. During her college years she slowly crept across the country, stopping along the way in Oklahoma, California, and finally...
Matt Brazeal
Author of "The Shadows of Ceredan" and its forthcoming sequel "Name of the Father"
Wayne Michaels
An Author and Entrepreneur
Dimitrious Charles
The greatest war the world has ever seen will be fought in the mind...
Rick Pipito
Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Rick Pipito is the award winning author of the Eternal Hunger Saga. His ongoing works cross multiple genres and have gone from cult following status to highly respected works. From horror to children's books to non-fiction Pipito continues to entertain the masses. He...
Doug Langille
Doug Langille is a husband, father and shameless technophile living the good life in Nova Scotia.
Mike Jansen
Mike Jansen is one of the more prolific Dutch writers of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror. He started writing for the English markets in 2011 and has since published over forty short stories in anthologies and magazines as well as his first anthology with JWK Fiction. A dark fantasy...
Madyson Rush
Madyson Rush is the author of Passage Graves, and is currently working on several manuscripts including the second book in the Passage Graves Series.
37 results - showing 1 - 20
1 2