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Urban Life

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Nadia Cherubin
I'm a published author of urban fiction novels and have been writing for ten years. I'm now working on a new novel based on finances.
Khali Raymond is an exceptional individual who had published a lot of work at a very young age. His serious and realistic writing style is just the icing on the cake when you’re indulging into him. Not only he’s into writing, but he has a muse for music and a...
Chaz Fenwick
Chaz Fenwick was born May 11, 1980 in the seaside city of Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. Heavy metal music became his passion when he was introduced to the genre at the age of 15. Metallica’s black album was his first listening experience and he has been hooked ever since....
Dina Porter
Dina was a late bloomer. She didn't become a "reader" until one summer away from college, working at a failing video store in her home town, the East Bay Area of California. With several hours of downtime, she snuck her mother's book, Pet Sematary, to work and found her imagination...
Roselyn Jewell
I'm an author, a wife, a mother, a friend, a sister, a daughter, and so much more! I've always loved reading and found myself wanting to continue the stories I loved so much, which is how I started writing. Now I've finally reached my dream of being published. My novels...
Andrena Sawyer
Author Bio: Andrena Sawyer is the President of P.E.R.K. Consulting, a nonprofit and small business consulting company in the Washington DC area. She is the author of "The Long Way Home" and "The Other Side of Assertiveness." In addition to being an avid writer, she regularly speaks...
James W. Lewis Sr.
Born and raised in Newark, N.J., JWL Sr. grew up an avid reader of Encyclopedia Brown and The Hardy Boys as a child, Stephen King and Dean Koontz as a teenager, and now James Patterson and Laurell K. Hamilton as an adult. Of the...
Mark Kirkbride
Bio: Mark Kirkbride lives in Shepperton, England. He writes fiction and poetry. His novel Satan's Fan Club is published by Omnium Gatherum in America. His poetry has appeared in the Big Issue, the Morning Star and the Mirror in the UK. Satan's Fan Club: Rebellious...
P. Vijay Kumar
Reading and writing fulfils the dreams of a dreaming soul.
Chariss K. Walker, Author
Chariss K. Walker, award winning author on Authors Database... Chariss K Walker, M. Msc, writes nonfiction and fiction books with a metaphysical message. After studying metaphysical topics and concepts for 30+ years, it was a natural transition to write about fictional characters with supernatural abilities and traits. All of...
Luis Adriano
South East England based author of gritty, contemporary fiction. Writer of novels, film & TV Screenplays, poetry and song lyrics.
Santino Hassell
Santino Hassell will soon be releasing contemporary romance novels and urban paranormal novels.
John King
Even decent people can make mistakes that will change their lives forever.
Emmanuel Mote
Emmanuel MOTE - Actor Writer & Song Performer with Awesome Books Reviews !
Jonathan Cotty
Author of the DS Raymond Jackson series
K.F. Johnson Author
When the future is uncertain, the truth is always just a lie away
Sarah Lane
I write contemporary fiction, women's fiction, literary fiction, and dystopian young adult.
Jayelle Cochran
Indie Urban Fantasy Distopian Author and Artist, Jayelle Cochra
Gavin William Wright
Writing about misfits, couples and fuck-ups - also includes sex, drugs and rock and roll. And Norway.
Rob Einsle
Join Frank's adventure into the American southwest.
76 results - showing 1 - 20  
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