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Young Adult

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Cecily Wolfe
Cecily Wolfe writes whatever her characters tell her to write, including YA, contemporary family drama and romance, and Christian historical romance. She was born and raised in Akron, Ohio. She graduated from Kent State University with degrees in English and library science, and enjoys her career as a librarian in...
JJ Flowers
Most of JJ Flowers' published books are historical romance novels (Avon Books, Zebra Books,) many of which actually won awards and one of these awards was almost considered prestigious. She finally stopped being able to write these novels when she began having fantasies of killing off her heroines—in really dreadful...
Jamila Mikhail
Jamila Mikhail, or simply Mila for short, was born in British Columbia, Canada in 1996 and now lives in Ottawa, the city of her dreams, with her cat Squeaker. In 2018 she was one of the people who received the title of Top Writer on Quora and over the years...
Darcy Deming
Darcy Deming is a Cherokee Metis trained Shaman whose footsteps along the Good Red Road lead her to a cave on a sacred mountain where Sage Stone – The Magic Between the Worlds, was born. Throughout her life, growing up on a forty-acre farm in Upstate New York,...
Lisa Lowell
Welcome to Magic in the Land, home of the Wise Ones. There you will find dragons departing and yourself left alone to defend against sorcerers and demon invasion. You conjure and wield powers beyond your comprehension, but even unlimited magic has its limits. Immerse yourself in an...
Janeen Swart
A teacher by profession for 25 years, Janeen Swart, now wears many different hats. She is a combination secretary and gopher for their farm, a busy grandmother of six grandchildren, and works for several civic organizations and her church. Her first book, A DOG AND HIS BOY, was published by...
Lynn Veevers
Lynn Veevers is originally from Washington State. She is a traditionally published author and a member of the RWA with PAN status. With her mother being from Christchurch, New Zealand and her father being a well-traveled retired Navy Chief, Lynn has always had a fascination with different cultures around the...
People interest me. The way they think and feel is fascinating. My background is Psychology, and I have been fortunate enough to work with children as well as adults, mostly therapeutically, sometimes academically. I co-parent four highly entertaining children and continue to work as a therapist. I...
Rachel Watts
Rachel Watts is an award-winning journalist and a writer of literary and speculative fiction. She holds a Master's Degree in Media and Communication and teaches creative writing to adults and teenagers. Her short stories and non-fiction have been published by Westerly, Island, Kill Your Darlings, Tincture and more. ...
Diane Shute
I'm writer of historical fiction with a touch of romance and a twist of mystery, with a penchant for the unexpected. I am currently working on the unnamed conclusion to After Midnight and Midnight Crossing. Now retired and pursuing my lifelong love of creative writing, I share my home with...
Barnaby Taylor
I am an author and academic living in Dublin, Ireland.
Barnaby Taylor Featured
Juliette Douglas
Women who tamed the west their way
RA Winter
Writers of many genres. Most are about Native Americans.
K.A. Wiggins
K.A. Wiggins writes YA Fantasy with an edge for ages 14 and up. Expect more blood than kissing. #monstersandmagic Her debut novel, BLIND THE EYES, launched in 2018. Join the newsletter to get an exclusive free 5 chapter preview ebook and audiobook. Kaie has...
K.A. Wiggins Featured
Louise Cole
Louise Cole read English at Oxford and hasn't stopped reading since. She’s an award-winning journalist, a former business magazine editor and director of a media agency. But she is most alive either reading or writing stories. Her family mocks her for telling stories to her dogs. Her fiction includes short...
Elle Klass
Elle Klass is the author of mystery, suspense, and contemporary fiction. Her works include As Snow Falls, The Ruthless Storm Trilogy, Zombie Girl, the Bloodseeker series and the Baby Girl series. Her work Eye of the Storm Eilida’s Tragedy is a Reader’s Favorite Fiction-Paranormal Finalist in the 2015 Awards. She...
Rhonda Smiley
Rhonda Smiley is a screenwriter and author. Asper is her debut novel.
Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer
I grew up in the Barossa Valley, an area of South Australia predominantly settled by German immigrants. As a dark-haired, tanned little English girl (remember Britain was at one stage occupied by the Romans), I was very different and mercilessly teased. I remember the struggle...
Michael Easterling
Experience amazing adventures in the Andes as Yana Mayu goes in search of the magical water that will cure the young heir to the throne of the Inca Empire.
S.D. Hintz
S.D. Hintz has published 5 short stories, 1 poem, and a novel this year — Vigilance & Vengeance (novel) by Solstice Publishing (late 2017), Bellows by Dark Alley Press in Ink Stains, Volume 4, Housecall by MacKenzie Publishing in the Two Eyes Open anthology, Temporary in The Misbehaving Dead collection...
251 results - showing 1 - 20  
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