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Ronesa Aveela grew up in Bulgaria and moved to the US where she completed her Master’s degree in Boston. She is the author of stories inspired by the magic of Bulgarian, Thracian, and Slavic mythology.
Ronesa Aveela Old
Ronesa Aveela is a proud Bulgarian-American who was born and raised in Bulgaria. She wanted to study art, but her life put her in an accounting major in college, where she came to realize that numbers were her kryptonite. By day, she works to pay her bills and buys chocolate...
Dr. Sandra B Rhodes
Filled with intricate patterns and designs, this adult coloring book offers hours of stress relief and mental relaxation for people of any level of artistic ability by providing a creative outlet that recalls the simpler days of their childhood. This book consists of fifty pages of landscape and portrait images...
informative eBooks on many subjects, cars, computers, social changes in America and more.
Lisa Li Hertzi
Using Art History to inform our current creative endeavors brings delight!
Melissa M. Carson
I feel life just falls into place, since real life's destiny is not of our own choosing.
Amy Pincock
Keep the smile on your child's face while putting an end to noisy escapades. No need to stifle curiosity or squelch creativity; this guide helps you put together the perfect quiet-time book for car rides, waiting rooms, and church meetings. With 25 simple patterns and step-step instructions, even amateur...
Sharon Lee Johnson
I write paranormal romance novels and zombie novels
Brian Philip Craik Smith
BIOGRAPHY - Philip Craik (January 1963 - present) Born and raised in the Vale of the White Horse, Philip was beguiled by tales of the three swords of power, mythical creatures and Wayland's Smithy. January 1963 is a memorable year, except for our author - who at this time...
9 results - showing 1 - 9