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Family & Relationships

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Shannon Benish
How To Help Someone With Cancer
Raymoni Love
Raymoni Love is supreme when it comes corroborating the pain, joy, and love of people in relationships. His books are on top of many readers list, and when they experience an RAYMONI LOVE book, they all want more!
Raymond Sturgis
Raymond Sturgis is an elite literary professional, whose books inspire, awaken consciousness, and bring attention to social issues. His books are mainly nonfiction, due to the enormity of community, and family issues that plagued Americans for years. There is no doubt that his books will make a person feel...
Tom James
Author of books on law and law-related topics.
Chris Hakim
A longtime student of Love and of Buddhism, Chris Hakim has lived in seven countries on three continents and stopped at Mountain View, California for longer than usual. He is a self-taught electronics engineer and holds the degree of Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is also the co-author of...
Danielle Bernock
My book summary on Amazon: Bernock’s memoir, Emerging With Wings, will change your life. The author takes you with her on her journey through pain and confusion to understanding and freedom. Bernock’s raw vulnerability is bold. As she shares...
Barbara K. McNally
Barbara McNally is the author of Unbridled: A Memoir, and the much anticipated Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife. She is an active blog contributor to the Huffington Post. During her experience as a licensed physical therapist, Barbara has helped people from all walks of life, including veterans, recover...
Christine Elizabeth Staple-Ebanks
Raising Nathan: Every Life has a story by Christine Staple-Ebanks is an inspirational documentation of her family’s journey in raising their 4th child Nathan, diagnosed with cerebral palsy shortly after birth, and given the expectation that he might not survive childhood. This inspirational story gives the reader...
Barbara Huntress Tresness
Barbara Huntress Tresness is an author, disability advocate and founder of CHAT Collective. Her son Graham serves as the inspiration for writing this book and helps teach us with his wisdom. Also written by Barb: Everyone Communicates: Learn How to Talk to Me! - The guidebook to communicating and socializing...
Jennifer M Weiner
Jennifer Weiner has been through more relationships than she cares to think about. Long-term, short-term, friends with benefits, booty calls--- you name it, she’s probably tried it once- if it’s legal. She’s finally found the right one and is happily married! She has been...
Follow a journey of an woman determined to beat the odds. A mother of four under eight,battling Lyme Disease. See her struggle, fight and will to succeed as she pours her heart into being a mom, writing books and blogging. To inspire, educate and motivate women and mothers with her...
Sheila Dobbie
Sheila Moore Thornburg Dobbie lived the experience of loss, came up with a plan for survival and achieved her recovery. The author suffered the loss of seven family members in a two year period leaving her without a father and husband. This is her story on...
David Learmont
An elderly couple become foster carers in their mid-sixties. Witty, acerbic, sad and hilarious. Paperback, kindle and nook book. Stylish writing with an elegant turn of phrase. A non-fiction book with two intrepid oldies.
Kelly Tonelli
Kelly Lyttle Tonelli is a clinical psychologist working in private practice with patients who are experiencing life transitions, many of whom are teenage girls. She happily relocated from Michigan to Southern California to attend Pepperdine University and fell in love with the sunshine. She spent time working and learning at...
Daniella Blechner
Do you ever feel as though you will never meet the right man? Are your relationships leaving you wondering what you're doing wrong? Do you attract the same type of man, repeating the same negative patterns over and over again? If you find yourself thinking "Here we go again" or...
Sharael Kolberg
Sharael Kolberg is a nationally published journalist with nearly 20 years of experience and the author of three books. Her work has appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers, and websites, including Outside and Sunset magazines. Learn more at
Becky Feola
Becky Feola learned the value of hard work and life while being raised on remote cattle ranches in Arizona and Wyoming. During those early years, she developed a keen sense of service and nurturing towards other living creatures while caring for orphaned calves, sick kittens and her colt, Little George....
Antonio Capaldo
Direct and vivid in its telling of the details of the adoption of a 7-year old boy from Romania after the collapse of Communism, the novel manages ultimately to deliver much more. Difficulties inevitably connected with the adoption bring the writer to explore the darkest places of human...
Dating Death Match
Picture yourself not only approaching beautiful women but actually getting their phone numbers and going out on real dates with them. Some key points to Dating Death Match 1. The information given works and is realistic and easy to use if you let yourself do it. 2....
Winnie Mbala
Winnie Mbala is the author of Why Am I Still Single?: Advice for Christian Single Women.
94 results - showing 1 - 20  
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