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Binxby Furson is an American author that offers fun and entertaining books for all, specializing in Puzzle Books.
Reha Tanör “I’m actually not that fond of food. I’m more than happy with what we have at home,” says Reha Tanör — but immediately adds an important proviso: “But I still very much enjoy dining out!” As a writer, Tanör doesn’t go to...
Dr. P.J. Miller was born and raised in the heart of New York City, Midtown Manhattan. He did his undergraduate course work at University of Florida. In his third year at UF he was accepted early into the prestigious Royal School of Veterinary Studies in Edinburgh Scotland. Dr. Miller graduated...
Tom James
Author of books on law and law-related topics.
Deni Raqueteur
Who is Deni? Just a Bohemian soul who enjoys the good things in life; good food, a bottle of wine, words that fall into the right order and a warm cat on my lap. What else could be important? I work, I play, I...
Suzy Soro
My first memoir, Celebrity sTalker, is about all the Hollywood celebrities I've annoyed over the years. Mommy Tried to Kill Me is my second memoir, about the four months I spent in Paris, France taking care of my mother and trying not to have a nervous breakdown. ...
Prof Tim Headshot.jpg
Prof Tim teaches at CSU-Pueblo and writes books about social change. 2015 - Awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to teach and conduct research at Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand. 2013-2018 - Elected to the roster of Fulbright Specialists by...
Nicole Delacroix
Nicole Delacroix was raised with a deep love for words and literature. This appetite for reading was the foundation fuelling her creative passion for writing. With a strong will and precocious nature, she is the atypical Texan Southern belle, preferring the fantastical, science and reason. Growing up in the buckle...
Paul White
I am a Novelist, Short Story Writer, Poet, Blogger and Publisher. My writing covers various genres and topics including, Life, Love, Emotions, Depression, Trauma, Suspense, Sex, Romance and social issues. All my writing features the...
Paul White Featured
Perry McCarthy
Former Formula One racing driver and the original ‘Stig’ from the BBC Top Gear TV show. 'Flat Out Flat Broke' is the internationally acclaimed autobiography which takes you on the roller-coaster adventure he experienced whilst battling on and off the race tracks of the...
Yvonne deSousa
Yvonne deSousa is the author of MS Madness!: A "Giggle More, Cry Less" Story of Multiple Sclerosis.
Joe Paris Lee
A Job For Joe is an enigma wrapped in a phenomenon and topped off with nice hair. A side-splitting CV and a riotous resume, it's awash with agonising alliteration. You'll laugh until you cry. Or, you'll skip the laughter altogether and just sob uncontrollably. This has to be...
Matthew D. Heines
Matthew D. Heines- author, teacher, international man of intrigue...
Deb Durst
A book of American football terms defined with a comical twist that includes beauty, dating, fashion, friends, men, money, sex, and shopping.”
Emmanuel Mote
Emmanuel MOTE - Actor Writer & Song Performer with Awesome Books Reviews !
Thomas Hodge
A little bit of everything and something in between the moments of life.
Mark Barnes
I like to challenge myself to challenge everything, even my own thinking.
Rick Friedberg
Rick Friedberg is an award-winning writer/director of movies (Spy Hard), episodic TV (CSI-Miami), reality TV (The Real Housewives of Orange County), documentaries (Rodeo Cowboy), music videos (“Hot for Teacher”), and national and international TV commercials (shown during the Super Bowl, World Series, and NBA playoffs).
Frank Kusy
Life is short, be curious.
John Bryson
A humor writer specializing in funny essays about everyday life.
54 results - showing 1 - 20
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