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Reha Tanör “I’m actually not that fond of food. I’m more than happy with what we have at home,” says Reha Tanör — but immediately adds an important proviso: “But I still very much enjoy dining out!” As a writer, Tanör doesn’t go to...
The very first eating lifestyle book to tell you to Just Eat; have your ice cream, burgers and still look good whilst feeling light. In this book, the author shares her twelve-month success in liberating herself from thirty years of yo-yo roller coaster diets. She takes us through her journey...
Gordon Owen
Developing synergies with corporates in events management, (with networks nationally & internationally), creating a hotbed of new and strategic initiatives.
Cathy McGough
Happy Reading!
Marcie L. Hill
Marcie Hill, M.S., is a writer, blogger, and author who left her job in 2008 to pursue her passion of writing. Her written successes have been published in Forbes, Toastmasters and St. Louis magazines, as well as The Chicago Independent Bulletin newspaper. She owns and manages...
Troy Heerwagen
Troy Heerwagen and his wife, Lesley, moved to the place of their dreams when they crossed the country from Texas to Seattle. Troy and Lesley enjoy their new urban and outdoorsy lifestyle in Seattle with their daughter, Ellie, and cat, Zelda.
Paul White
I am a Novelist, Short Story Writer, Poet, Blogger and Publisher. My writing covers various genres and topics including, Life, Love, Emotions, Depression, Trauma, Suspense, Sex, Romance and social issues. All my writing features the...
Paul White Featured
Tara Alemany, Award-Winning Author, Speaker and Publisher
Tara Alemany defies a simple definition. She is an award-winning and best-selling author and speaker, as well as a serial entrepreneur. Her publishing company, Emerald Lake Books, benefits experts and thought leaders as they grow their business by taking their words from manuscript to masterpiece. Her consulting company, Aleweb Social...
Chariss K. Walker, Author
Chariss K. Walker, award winning author on Authors Database... Chariss K Walker, M. Msc, writes nonfiction and fiction books with a metaphysical message. After studying metaphysical topics and concepts for 30+ years, it was a natural transition to write about fictional characters with supernatural abilities and traits. All of...
Rochelle Carter
An award-winning publisher and bestselling author, Rochelle Carter is dedicated to creating Independent, Innovative and Iconic 21st Century authors.
Annaliese Morgan
Annaliese Morgan is a leading veterinary nurse turned professional writer.
Patricia Gilliam
Author of The Hannaria Series
Madi Preda
Marketing ideas for indie writers
Rick Friedberg
Rick Friedberg is an award-winning writer/director of movies (Spy Hard), episodic TV (CSI-Miami), reality TV (The Real Housewives of Orange County), documentaries (Rodeo Cowboy), music videos (“Hot for Teacher”), and national and international TV commercials (shown during the Super Bowl, World Series, and NBA playoffs).
Devorah Fox
When quitting is not an option
Alan J. Porter
Writer of High-Adventure Fiction, Pop-Culture Reference Books, and Comics
Alan-Author Pic 2014-05-12 03a.jpg
Author and small press publisher specialising in vintage television and the adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Mary Deal
Mary Deal is an Amazon best-selling, award-winning author of suspense/thrillers, romance, a short story collection, a writers’ reference, and self-help.
Richard L. Wren
A fourth generation Californian and Oakland resident for over 80 years, novelist Richard L. Wren took a leap late in life, publishing his first mystery novel at age 85. Casey’s Slip (Poor Richard Publishers, 2011) is available from, through your favorite bookstore, and as an ebook.
Stephen B. Fraser
Author of Politics 101, Men: The Handbook, So You Want To Be A Nursing Assistant,72-Hour Bag
30 results - showing 1 - 20
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