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True Crime

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Stephen Bentley
Former UK Detective Sergeant, undercover cop, barrister (trial attorney). Now a writer, author, blogs at HuffPost UK. Author of bestseller 'Undercover: Operation Julie - The Inside Story,' a true crime memoir about pioneering undercover police work on one of the UK's biggest and well known...
Katherine McCarthy
Katherine is a writer, graphic designer and book review blogger of Mi'kmaq and Irish descent. Following her heart, Katherine left a 20-year commerce and project management career to find a place in the Indie Writing industry. She is currently managing a graphic design company, Aeternum...
Brian Sands
Former law enforcement and eight year U.S. Army veteran. Writing tell all story on world famous Sheriff.
Don De La Don
Spiritual mysteries are revealed as readers take a journey into the life of a person – a gifted son of light. A Son of Life is a story of Saint John and Aaron as they go on an adventure into the darkest pits of hell. After befriending and earning the...
Marcia Roberts
I am a survivor of domestic violence and abuse, but I am also a teacher, a mother and a writer. Because of all the great support I got during my four plus years of abuse, I would like to give back. I have compiled a story of my experience, based...
Snjezana Marinkovic
Memoir Writer, Poet and Dreamer
MayCay Beeler
Stunning true crime tale of an all-American boy turned drug smuggler turned Robinson Crusoe then infamous prison inmate in the longest running drug trial in U.S. history.
Bob McCarty
The man who served as chief investigative counsel during the impeachment of Bill Clinton described my second nonfiction book, "The Clapper Memo," as "perhaps the most thorough investigative reporting I have encountered in years."
2Profile 29062015 jpg.jpg
Writing fact and fiction on Victorian crime and insanity and bloody local history!
DADDY LONG LEGS Knick Knack Paddy Whack Daddy Long Legs is Back Twenty years ago he took nine lives. Nine boys. Abducted. Tortured and mutilated. Nine bodies dumped across the barren landscape of a small town in Apartheid South Africa....
Lori Foroozandeh
Lori Foroozandeh grew up as a much-abused child, sexually and mentally. She began to wonder what was normal in life and if the "games" her family played with her were good or bad for her. As it always turned out, they were extremely bad for Lori. Her "tickling" episodes that...
Donalie Beltran
Exciting things are happening now that my debut novel has been released.
Jennifer Wheatley Wolf
One voice Raised: A Triumph Over Rape: by survivor Jennifer Wheatley-Wolf and Chief Investigator, David Cordle, Sr. "A page-turner from the start!" Inspiring account of a horrific crime that took 20 years to solve.
Jerry Labriola, M.D.
Author Jerry Labriola, M.D. has written True Crime with Dr. Henry Lee as well as his own Mystery novels. He speaks regularly at public venues, including cruise ships.
John Foxjohn
John Foxjohn has enjoyed some success in his writing career, but he has just begun.
Phillis Tonett Forrest
Author says: I know exactly what he did and exactly how he did it
He is website designer, business proposal writer.
J K Slater
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Sherrie Lueder
"He Killed Our Janny": A Family's Search for the Truth--Gripping story of child abuse, domestic violence and corruption in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. Not at all unaware, a son and daughter chronicle the events leading up to the mysterious death of their mother. This book is the first...
Gary Goldstein
Jew in Jail is about the nearly six years I spent in various New York State prisons for robbery, based on my past addictions to alcohol, drugs and gambling.
29 results - showing 1 - 20
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