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Lori R. Lopez

Lori R. Lopez Updated February 13, 2017
Lori R. Lopez

Author Details

Where I Live
National City, California, United States
Lori R. Lopez wears many hats, literally and otherwise. An author of Speculative Fiction, Horror, Fantasy and more . . . she writes dark, humorous and serious verse; short stories, novels, Young Adult and children's books, songs, plus a column called "Poetic Reflections" at Fairy Fly Entertainment, a website shared with two talented sons. She is an artist, musician, actress, filmmaker, tree-hugger, vegan, and animal-lover. Her work often contains themes of conservation, peace, animal rights, and the rights of children. She is a member of the Horror Writers Association and the Lewis Carroll Society Of North America. Lori unapologetically takes pride in creatively bending and reshaping the rules of writing when it suits her style.


Enhanced Dance Of The Chupacabras:  The Video - HD

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