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Ciaran Dwynvil

Ciaran Dwynvil Updated February 21, 2013



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Ciaran Dwynvil
Ciaran Dwynvil

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Ciaran Dwynvil
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Czech Republic

Get pulled in a fascinating fantasy world and live through stories of life, love and lust that will leave you aching for more and eagerly anticipating the next instalment in the Guardian Demon Series.


Guardian Demon Series is a monumental work of at least 16 instalments of sub-series and stand-alone books connected through High Demon Belial, The Prince of Trickery, the Lord of Lust and the Antilight, his influence on the destinies of mortals and immortals, and the overarching theme of the lust for life and love. The first two instalments of the series are already available as parts of Trails of Love I Crawl trilogy, which follows the fates of eight men influenced by doings of two immortals. High Demon Belial and Archangel Deathbearer. It would be easy to assume that High Demons represent the forces of evil, while Archangels the power of good. Things are however not so clearly cut as the title of the Guardian Demon series suggests.

Guardian Demon marries two seemingly opposing collective ideas. Guardian as an expression is strongly connected to angels in our cultural environment, while demons are forces that tantalize and against which we need the protection. Yet, Belial is capable both of devilish intrigues and strong, affectionate protection, targeting the very same mortals or immortals. This contrast keeps both Ciaran and the readers on their toes, constantly fascinated by the High Demon's doings.

Together with the author's unique writing style characterized by sentences flowing almost like verses in minstrel tales from the time long passed and by narratives told from multiple points of view, the tension embedded in Guardian Demon mental image creates an unforgettable reading experience.


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