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Steven Dowell

Steven Dowell February 22, 2013
Steven Dowell

Author Details

Pen Name
Steven Dowell
Where I Live

Fiction, based on a Ky. legend involving Satanism in the late 1800's.

In the remote hills of Pulaski County, Kentucky is a place so evil, that many would be terrified to find themselves anywhere near its proximity. To this day there are strange occurences there. Reports of glowing eyes behind broken tombstones, voices warning of impending dangers, feelings of intense evil, visions of an innocent little girl dressed in white and even being attacked by dagger like fingers still occur there to this day.

 There are those who would deny the Legend that is said to have took place there well over 100 years ago is true. Still, there are those that claim they know the Legend is very real and they have risked their very souls to prove it. For those whose eyes have seen, whose ears have heard and whose hearts have felt the evil that lurks there have been thoroughly convinced of the Legend's authenticity, and they would tell you that belief may well be the reason they still exist today!
 By the time this book has finished with you, you will question everything you thought you knew about good and evil and you will be terrified to think about what terrible hidden secrets may lie within your own family history!

Now, the time has come for you to learn of the Legend already known the world over.....
                          IF YOU DARE!!!


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