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Martin Beaulieu

Martin Beaulieu Updated February 23, 2013

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Martin Beaulieu
Martin Beaulieu

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Pen Name
Martin Beaulieu
Where I Live
Perth-Andover, Canada

Martin Beaulieu author of 3 novels complete the Meddel Wars Trilogy. THE BAD THINGS THE MINDBENDERS THE LOST TRIBE


Tom Sawyer meets Star Wars on the Night of the Living Dead - Being a slave, Ish is used to having bad days. But when the biggest earthquake in a hundred years destroys the town, Ish's bad days begin to mount. First, his master's children disappear. Then, Ish suddenly stumbles upon a dozen evil-looking creatures that vanish before his very eyes. Thinking to warn his master, he arrives in time to see his partner being whipped to death for forgetting to watch over his children. And that's just the beginning. Before the month is out, Ish falls into a plot with a vengeful Mambo conjurer to kill his master with a Voodoo hex. While gathering ingredients for the hex, he must somehow evade his master and a relentless slave tracker with a reputation for never having failed to capture a runaway slave. To top it all off, Ish must battle inter-dimensional aliens with plans to poison the entire population of New Madrid in order to prepare for a planet-wide invasion.


The Apaches don’t want Clay. He is a demon maker and snake caller – not a combination guaranteed to make friends. The Monks don’t want him either; his shocking telekinetic and mind control powers are more than they can stand. But when four aliens from the far side of the galaxy suddenly arrive to claim him, things quickly change. Now everybody wants Clay, including Royx, a mass murderer who has traveled through four million years of time to exploit Clay’s uncanny ability. Royx’s intent? To secure the power of life and death over every living creature on the planet.      


Custer is dead, and once again, the army seeks to capture Strong Hand’s impoverished tribe, forcing Clay to whisk the tribe through a dimensional portal to a far away uninhabited planet. But is the planet uninhabited? Not if you count giant flying birds, shape-shifting predators, and microscopic slime, grown to the size of a horse. Believing the tribe safe, Clay returns to a futuristic Earth complete with imbedded head chips, air skaters and a society robbed of all privacy by anti-terrorist laws. He also brings with him planet-killing bugs and an Alien attack force set to conquer Earth from space.





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