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Mealea Mathews

Mealea Mathews Updated May 13, 2014



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Testimonial from Online Book
by Relentless

I rate this book a 4 out of 4 stars! My logic behind this cannot do the story, or its author, the justice that it demands. The plot twists were refreshingly surprising, the mythological creatures enticing, and as a lover of fantasy, this book was thematic and inspiring, revelatory and though-provoking. With each turn of events, each chapter, I constantly found myself wondering just who this author was that had somehow been able to fashion such a magnificent work. If there were ever a cataclysm so great as to cause for a fractional selection of books to preserve for humanity, reflecting man’s greatest talents and admirable art, this book would be among its paramounts. I cannot stress the inadequacy of this review, you simply must read it for yourself! Mealea Mathews has outdone herself in this epic tale, creating for herself a reader’s expectation of equal grandiosity in her works to come!
Mealea Mathews

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Pen Name
Mealea Mathews
Where I Live
Swept me up, Layered plots, Compelling sub-plots. Traditional adventure fantasy quest with The King's Throne Series.


The King's Throne: The Elysian Blade of Truth

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