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Kea Alwang

Kea Alwang Updated February 24, 2013
Kea Alwang

Author Details

Pen Name
Kea Alwang
Where I Live
New Jersey

Based on a Dream is a Young Adult SciFi Fantasy series. Book One is titled Treehugger:

TREEHUGGER: Planet-hopping is a gift. Righting the wrongs of the multiverse on behalf of a mysterious life form is a privilege. Leading a secretive double life has its perks. Being Earthborn? Well, that simply bites.

When Chloe (aka Star of Earth) dares to attend an A-list slumber party the summer before high school, she's carrying much more baggage than her toothbrush. Still, she does her best to act 'normal' by rising above the mysterious loss of her soul mates, the expectations of snooty parents who wish she were more like them, and the ever-present effects of her experiences as lab rat to a twisted scientist. Turns out, trying her best on her homeworld invites more ridicule and the perfect opportunity to snap.

Disowning planet Earth and all it stands for, Star claims her extraterrestrial existence as the only life to ever matter. And why not? That life showers her in adventure, offering opportunities to play hero and create change straight from her heart. Unfortunately, slipping skills, evolving relationships, an old enemy, and planets under siege step in to show Chloe it really doesn't matter where you are when trying to find yourself—especially when a lunatic is trying to find you first.


Treehugger cover

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