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Dylan Cuffy

Dylan Cuffy Updated August 12, 2014
Dylan Cuffy

Author Details

Pen Name
Reginald Routhwick
Where I Live
Waterbury, CT
Constitution is the name of Routhwick's imprint, and specialises sporadically in public-domain reprints. Its first official release was an Amazon-exclusive re-issue of Ernest Vincent Wright's GADSBY, a story of a small town and its mayor. Its title character, a churchman-turned-mayor in his fifties, enlists the help of youngsters to reinvigorate his remote, lifeless town. An overnight population boom results from his efforts, when a community of 2,000 residents transforms into the 60,000-strong metropolis of Branton Hills. Despite his popularity, Gadsby's mission brings out the best cynics in several townsfolk, Old Bill Simpkins among them.

Written during 1936 and 1937, this work of over 50,000 words is famous for not having the letter "e" in its manuscript--an example of a lipogram. Its original publication was delayed by two years while Wright tried to find a publisher. The work ultimately came out in October 1939 through Wetzel, a Los Angeles vanity press. The author died on the day of its first printing, according to an AP report.

Wright's first book, THE WONDERFUL FAIRIES OF THE SUN (1896), is a collection of poems about fairies and sprites who control the weather, and whose governors are the Sun King and the Moon Queen. It became Constitution's most recent reprint in May 2013.

Works by its founder will also comprise part of Constitution's catalog. Among them is SKIPPING FIFTH, a behind-the-scenes essay chronicling Wright's efforts to write GADSBY (and the story of Georges Perec's LA DISPARITION/A VOID). SKIPPING FIFTH is already bundled with the original text of Wright's lipogram in the Amazon re-issue. Also on the horizon are MARIGOT MAGIC, about a raccoon family's reunion in Dominica's northeast; and THE SEVTON SAGA, a trilogy about the search for Gardner and Montreal's missing art treasures.

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