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Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson Updated August 03, 2013



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Jennifer Anderson
Jennifer Anderson

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Tangled Dreams: Tangled Dreams is first in a two part series chronicling the life a young Madison McKnight. Madison McKnight was an ordinary girl. An ordinary girl that lost her father to a drunk driver at the tender age of sixteen. Soon after, she was thrust into a life that she had no intentions of staying in by a mother that was much to enthusiastic to dump her on to anyone. From that moment on she would never know what ordinary was ever again. Growing up, Madison knew nothing of her father's family and now she was going to have to live with them. Upon her arrival, she found out just exactly what her Uncle William really thought of her mother. To Madison's bewilderment he held much of this same detest and hostility towards her. She was then surprised and found her life would never be the same after she met handsome, brooding Gavin. As young love fills the air, the secret of Gavin being adopted was starting to take center stage. This fact did not seem to matter to her due to the reasoning that she refused to be put into the same light as her mother. Madison soon derails in her attempt to forget Gavin and starts dating fellow classmate Clay. He is rich, popular and the quarterback of the football team. One problem, he isn't Gavin.  


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