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Tim Fairchild

TF February 25, 2013



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Grand Master Finalist in the 2012 Clive Cussler Collector Society's Adventure Writers Competition.
Tim Fairchild

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Pen Name
Tim Fairchild
Where I Live
Oakland, Maine
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What if nature could be used as a weapon of mass destruction and you had to choose between saving the lives of millions, or the ones you love? Archaeologist, Josh Turner finds himself immersed into a life and death struggle when a clue to the location of ancient religious artifacts is discovered in the Canary Islands. This clue leads him and his companions into a race against time to stop the countdown on a weapon of mass destruction never before witnessed by mankind. Sinister forces, driven by greed and revenge, will stop at nothing to control the world’s newest energy source; a free energy device that will render oil obsolete, even if it means the death of millions. But there is an ultimate price to pay as Turner and his associates soon discover as they struggle to evade capture and certain death.

Action Adventure, Thriller, Eco-terrorism, 


Zero Point

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