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Reven Archer Black

Reven Archer Black Updated February 22, 2015


Reven Archer Black

Author Details

Pen Name
Reven Archer Black
Where I Live
Author of adult fantasy and speculative fiction.

Reven Archer Black has loved storytelling since she was a kid. It just sort of “happened”, starting one fateful night she will always remember. Since then, she has discovered it is in her blood and soul. Life isn’t quite the same when she denies the muses and characters demanding their stories be told!

Growing up, Reven spent a lot of time reading book after book, from children’s lit to YA horror to adult fantasy novels. By the time she was 12, she decided that novels were terribly fun to write. In high school, Reven discovered the fascinating world of psychology and behaviour. As a classic introvert, she tends to watch and listen to people and situations a lot more than she talks. Combined, the experiences and knowledge tend to be fused into a variety of characters and situations. Add an eclectic music collection and some weirdness and the stories can be rather twisted.

Reven loves to explore the darker side of human nature and the challenges that must be overcome to make changes in one’s life. Her literary home is in the speculative fiction world with a specialization in fantasy. She absolutely adores the “The Terry’s”: Terry Brooks, Terry Goodkind, and Terry Pratchett.

Reven lives in Canada but her imagination lives somewhere in the Unknown.

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