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Scott Mallory

Scott Mallory Updated February 25, 2013



Author Details

Pen Name
Scott Mallory
Where I Live
Montreal, QC

Tales of a Washed-Up Neverwas

Ben Better is a morning show host who lives and breathes radio. Ben hopes the new company buying his station will be what he needs to finally make it big. Instead, corporate decides to scrap the pop station’s format and fire the on-air staff. Before Ben can make sense of it all, he’s pulling up stakes and heading south to assist his wife’s budding career in retail. Used to the local spotlight and hectic pace of morning radio, the former host must now grapple with being a lost and isolated stay-at-home dad. During the humbling transition, Ben reflects on his broadcasting career filled with backstabbing managers, dead-weight co-hosts, lowlife competitors, insane listeners, and unpredictable celebrities. Can Ben come to terms with his new station in life, or will a familiar enemy return to finish him off? These are the shocking stories of radio, remorse and revenge. These are the Tales of a Washed-Up Neverwas!


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