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William Jaman Taylor

William Jaman Taylor February 25, 2013


William Jaman Taylor

Author Details

Where I Live
Marietta, Georgia

Nightmares In The Neighborhood by William Jaman Taylor


The debut novel of a new voice in psychological suspense


In William Jaman Taylor's amazing debut thriller, as a kid, little Tommy Ray Martin witnesses a college fraternity group commit the unthinkable crime.


Nearly forty years later, and now a high-powered attorney, Thomas Ray Martin is still haunted by ghostly visions and dreams.


During a live televised newscast, Thomas Ray Martin volunteers to represent his next-door neighbors and close friends to prosecute their son's murderer, and  vows to seek the death penalty, not knowing at the time his very own son secretly joins the same fraternity and is formally charged with the murder.


Bristling with unexpected plot twists, turns, and a surprise ending, Nightmares in the Neighborhood, is a mix

of romance and suspense, humor and sorrow, joy and tragic pain, a story about the friendship of two families. Ultimately, one family's loyalty is put to the test. In the end, each reader will challenge his or her most inner thought: if put in the lawyer's compromising position, what would you do?


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