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Erin Greene

Erin Curtice January 24, 2013


Erin Greene

Author Details

Pen Name
Erin Greene
Where I Live
Southeast Michigan

The Land of Fall Tales: These are tales told to me by the legendary Green Man about the Land of Fall, a mythical Island "just off the coast" where it's always fall.

The Tales of the ShadowWing: A fantasy realm with the main focus on the masted schooner, the ShadowWing, her female Captain and her crew.

The Land of Fall Tales: In these stories, you'll find colorful characters like Uncle Robert (read about his Island-famous Fish Stew!), Freckled Moley, Pumpkin Jack, Mr. Boot and The Mary That Wouldn't. Share in their adventures as they find themselves involved in episodes about friendship and loyalty, fear and bravery, sorrow and joy, loneliness and acceptance and much more! This collection has all of the Land of Fall Tales and includes a free bonus story at the end, "A Giant's Belt"!

Tales of the ShadowWing: Come sail along with the crew of the ShadowWing! You'll visit exciting new ports and learn about the Sh'Nrrn, the stone-folk of the mountains. You'll gamble with First Mate Sibbin and empathize with his Captain Rilsa as she tries to keep both the crew and the port officials happy, not always easy when there are enemies afoot in every port. Sail the high seas of adventure today!

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