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Deanna DiLorenzo

Deanna DiLorenzo Updated February 27, 2013
Deanna DiLorenzo

Author Details

Pen Name
Deanna DiLorenzo
Where I Live
New York

When Meagan Summers ends her three-year relationship with her deadbeat rocker boyfriend, the last thing she expects is to fall in love with a woman. Yet when she meets the beautiful blond poet, Amber Reed, that's exactly what happens.

But Meagan finds her relationship with Amber is fraught with just as many anxieties and frustrations as her previous relationships. She struggles to come to terms with her newfound attraction to Amber as she juggles work, familial expectations, and her own guilt and insecurity. At times it seems the only solace she can find is in the cherished moonstone ring her beloved grandmother bestowed upon her before she died, along with some sage advice Meagan is just now beginning to understand.

Yet soon Meagan discovers she can’t be the person Amber needs her to be, and when their relationship comes to a dramatic end, Meagan finds herself fleeing to London in an attempt to put the pieces of her life back together. Just when she finally figures out how to make things right, a tragic accident occurs, threatening to undo everything and everyone around her.

*10% of the first year's book sales go to help support LGBT Youth

Tell Me is the story of Meagan Summers, a determined magazine executive who is willful, stubborn, and slightly neurotic, and the changes she undergoes loving the seemingly perfect poet, Amber Reed. Sometimes humorous, sometimes frustrating; Tell Me is the story of one woman’s choices and how they affect the lives of everyone around her.

Lesbian Novel, Lesbian Fiction, Bisexual Fiction



Tell Me by Deanna DiLorenzo - Book Trailer

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