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Ellen M. Gregg

Ellen M. Gregg February 27, 2013


Ellen M. Gregg

Author Details

Where I Live
New Hampshire

A prophecy that has been waiting for fulfillment for two thousand years.

When 16-year-old Mary's over-achieving, but otherwise normal, life is rocked by unexpected pregnancy, everything she thought she knew comes into question.

Is it fake or is it faith? Mary's 18-year-old crush, Joe, isn't sure what to believe. When the unusual nature of Mary's pregnancy threatens to sweep her up in a media firestorm, she is forced to go into hiding with her great-aunt and -uncle, Elisabeth and Zach. The separation from Joe, coupled with the new-found knowledge of Elisabeth's unusual pregnancy, puts additional strain on the couple.

Can they pass the test? Their chance at a relationship is overshadowed by something neither of them could have foreseen, rendering their future together even more uncertain, and Mary's inability to accept that something far beyond her practical world may be at work creates even more complications.

Is there room for a miracle in a media-centric world that connects with the click of a button? Forced to grow into roles beyond their years, love's elusive healing may be the only hope for Mary and Joe.

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