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Andrea N. Carr

Andrea Carr Updated December 06, 2015

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Averaging 4.5 of 5 stars customer and editorial reviews

Los Angeles Book Festival 2014
Family Tree the Novel:
Family Tree
Receives "Honerable Mention" in the Literary Fiction category

Hollywood Weekly Magazine
Anthony Ewart, Associate Editor
July, 2014 issue
5 stars

Reader's Favorite 2014
Katlen Hensel
4 stars


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Andrea N. Carr
Andrea N. Carr

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Andrea N. Carr
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United States, Los Angeles
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"To share the same feeling is total understanding." Author Andrea N Carr
Los Angekes Author, Revitalizes The American Literature Greats
Family Tree the Novel is a different family saga , Family Tree is the debut subtitle based on the memoirs of the author with some creative writing..
This literary fiction author has been compared to Raymond Carver with suspense and pace.. A first person stream of consciousness narrative reminiscent of J. D. Salinger 's Catcher in the Rye. Allow the main character Angel Harper to share her most intimate feelings about the family she thought she knew, through this powerful story.
Angel walks readers through her thoughts liberating them in the process from the emotional baggage she carried. This could be anyone's family because emotionally we are all the same. Making this a very relatable family drama touching on familial suicide, addiction, incarceration and family secrets.

This is the story of Angel Harper an incarcerated woman who gains a four-day emergency release from Orange County jail to attend the funeral of her sister Lady, after she commits suicide while babysitting her young son. Who also, found her body.

Also from this author The Trees Outside, :not the sequel but previously edited material from Family Tree.


Family Tree CH 1

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