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Chuck Lovatt

Chuck Lovatt Updated May 26, 2016



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Three time consecutive winner, in the Adult Fiction category, of the Lake Winnipeg Writers' Group's annual Write on the Lake Contest. Two time winner of the Canadian Stories annual competition, and a #1 bestsellar with his debut novel, "The Adventures of Charlie Smithers." His second novel, "Josiah Stubb: The Siege of Louisbourg," was critically acclaimed in The Winnipeg Review.


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Chuck Lovatt
Chuck Lovatt

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C. W. Lovatt
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Award winning author, C. W. Lovatt, is the creator of the critically acclaimed Josiah Stubb, along with the best selling Charlie Smithers collection. Adventures Downunder is the third book in this series.

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review of Charlie Smithers Down Under
A book by CW Lovatt is always a fun read
Chucko the gentleman’s gentleman has gotten into it for sure this time. Whilst on a junket with his master Lord Brampton to the land down under Charlie faces blood thirsty sharks, aboriginals and a feisty yet beautiful woman. The biggest challenge he will face is bringing a band of evil bushrangers to justice without getting killed himself. Pressed into service we see Smithers at his best because a Smithers never backs down!
Shark attacks, Aboriginals, and a woman who can cuss like a seaman oh my! This is Australia and our Charlie is in the thick of it. After wandering the aussies desert for what seems like for ever, the author sets our man on a mission full of fun and a wee bit of romance yeah. Mr. Lovatt has done the series proud in his latest historical romp across the world. I give this story five digeridoos for excellent writing and storytelling.

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Charlie Smithers: Adventures Downunder (The Charlie Smithers Collection Book 3)
The master, C.W. Lovatt, does it again! A marvelous book!
ByViv Drewa
I've been a fan of Lovatt's since I read Josiah Stubb: The Siege of Louisbourg. I never thought I'd love historical fiction but now I not only enjoy it but am a life long fan of C.W. Lovatt, and look forward to more adventures of Charlie Smithers!
I especially loved the banter, and I believe fear, Smithers has with his boss Lord Brampton. Throughout the adventures poor Smithers seems to get more scars from Lord Brampton than any of his other conflicts.
This book was hard to put down. Lovatt draws you in by feel for Smithers as he misses his wife and longs to be with her. This really pulled on my heart-strings.
I also found myself holding my breath at times while following Smithers throughout this book!
It is the perfect combination of adventure, adversity, comedy and love.
I highly recommend this book for a most fascinating read! You will not be disappointed I guarantee it!
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