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Neil Griffiths

Neil Griffiths February 28, 2013
Neil Griffiths

Author Details

Pen Name
Neil P Griffiths
Where I Live
London, England

Isabella's Heiress is the first in a series of novels following the adventures of Emma Elliott as she discovers that life can get so much more complicated after death.

Emma's journey takes her from the afterlife to her old existence and back again. Along the way she meets friends, both old and new, and realises that nothing is as it seems. She discovers a world inhabited by two groups of angels, one bent on the ultimate destruction of mankind, the other committed to our salvation.

To leave this world, Emma must pass a deceptively simple task but with the forces arrayed against her, she starts to wonder why, of all the people who have found themselves in this position, she is being singled out for such special attention.

As her story unfolds, more questions arise. Who is Isabella, the woman she is constantly mistaken for?

Who are the mysterious Cado Angelus who cast a shadow over Emma's every move?

And what part does Emma have to play in the events that will soon unfold in her world and ours.

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