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David Mark Gosselin

Davyd Gosselin Updated October 15, 2018




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David Mark Gosselin

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Pen Name
Davyd Gosselin
Where I Live
Davyd Gosselin is a pen name for David Mark Gosselin. He is a graduate of Concordia University's Creative Writing program and McGill University. He has enjoyed detective fiction since childhood and relished browsing public libraries since his teens.

He began reading Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew at seven, moved on to A. Conan Doyle by ten and continued in his teens with Ellery Queen, Dashiell Hammett and Agatha Christie. David enjoys the American writers of the 1920's Paris.

The Boathouse Murders is his first novel.

David has already begun work on a novel for 9-12 years-old called "The Clock Tower Room". He has not forgotten Bevyn Jones. David is also working on the second instalment in the 4-part series, entitled "Murder at Matins. The novel will take Bevyn to a commune in the Ontario Highlands where he will try and extricate a friend from a murder charge while trying to find the real murderer.

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