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Virginia Wright

Virginia  Wright Updated October 14, 2018




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Virginia Wright
Virginia Wright

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Virginia Wright
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Association of Independent Authors (AIA), Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance (MWPA), American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW)
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VIRGINIA WRIGHT (b. 1958) as Virginia Brown, in Belfast, Maine, was raised in the coastal Belfast area throughout her childhood and into her teen years. Virginia is author and illustrator of three children’s books– Crying Bear: Yes, Bears Cry Sometimes, too, The Princess and the Castle, and The Prince and the Dragon. Virginia is also the author of an educational, Nonfiction book: Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do. The Christmas Secret, deemed a Christmas Classic, is her latest release.

Virginia Wright’s work is published in several publications, and she considers herself first published, in 1981, when a regional Maine publication–Washington County Magazine, paid her for one of her writings—Faith. Additionally, three writing pieces are published in Soundings, an Anthology by the Poetry Fellowship of Maine. She has contributed various opinion articles on blogs at: (Cincinnati Enquirer), (The Boston Globe), (Barnesville Enterprise), and (The Wall Street Journal), and, with titles to include: One Nation Under God, More Patient Advocates, Cigarette Tax, and Caring of Elderly Parents, and a Commentary: Made in America: One Citizen's Reaction—as a Yahoo Contributor . Virginia is a self-proclaimed Foodie, with a Certificate in Family Nutrition; and she enjoys writing articles about food, health, and nutrition. Virginia Wright is an Ezine Articles Expert Author, with 15 earned achievements and a few of her article titles to include: How To Eat Fat and Get Healthy, Choosing a Diet - Atkins Diet: Medical Community Less Skeptical, and Learn How to Figure Number of Carbohydrates in Foods.

Virginia has received a number of awards and achievements for her writing, and recently won “The Indie of the Day Award,” for her children’s book, The Christmas Secret.

Virginia says lately, she has found her love of words in children’s writing; though she has been known to write in other genres and currently is working on a regional cookbook, Ayuh, Another Downeast Cookbook. She presently lives in the beautiful state of Maine- where she continues to write. When she isn’t watering her herb and flower gardens, canning, or cooking, her time is spent as a freelance writer, with her fingers on the keyboard, typing away, doing what she enjoys doing most, writing…


Virginia Wright


Timothy the Christmas Mouse
Virginia Wright, Author

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