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Forrest L. Rawls

Forrest L Rawls Updated August 03, 2014
Forrest L. Rawls

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United States
With a promise, the story spans 3000 years, On the day, Christ was crucified a man promises to spread the news of love, faith and everlasting life. God takes this and makes it his family legacy. However, Satan has other plans and throws things in that make each member question their faith and love, and especially the message of everlasting life. Heaven and hell collide on earth, and the spiritual warfare becomes no more of spirit than those Angels, and Demons now become flesh in form and only the one that is destined to carry on with The Legacy has the power to change and in time save the world with love, faith, and everlasting life. This is of an adaption of Forrest L. Rawls' book Legacy of the Holy Warrior.


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