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Harriet O'Reilly

Harriet O Updated January 27, 2013


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Where I Live

A striking feature of the book is just how detailed it is and how intricately written. It has been composed for those who will surely benefit from what the author has to say and demonstrates that faith and the energy of self-belief resides in every single one of us.

The first of a three part series, this harrowing story of a young girl will capture your heart!

Aged just four years old, the death of her mother left her and her brother completely reliant on their father – a man who descended into a severe depression and was unable to look after his own mental wellbeing, let alone his two small dependants. The book seeks to understand rather than judge and there is no feeling of self-indulgence or self-pity in the writings, rather the belief that we do indeed come from a loving Universe.

This inspirational memoir not only shows you how you can overcome adversity, it explains in its writings how the Law of Attraction is constantly at work, shaping our lives and destiny. Deeply touching, it also demonstrates spiritually that it is possible to overcome pain and unresolved issues in our lives and the author shares insight and memories into past lives.

This journey empowers the reader to be more accepting of their circumstances, more understanding of their body energy and how they can improve their circumstances by positive thinking.

An excellent read – it will inspire and empower you!



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