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Gina Ferguson

Gina Ferguson Updated August 08, 2014
Gina Ferguson

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Gina Ferguson
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Will love find a home after a mysterious disappearance? They hid her miles away; the FBI gave her a new identity and a new life. After ten years of hard work Terri James was now an executive secretary to the CEO of the Peninsula Corporation. Terri was in charge of setting up the next executive junket, hiking was the new adventure and she placed the call. Jeff Dalton is the owner of Dalton’s Trail Adventures; a hiking business usually catering to adrenal junkies and executive types out for adventure. Since Chloe’s death, no woman could stir Jeff’s heart; until a woman’s sensual voice over the phone sparked his memories and enlightened his heart. Could she be the one to fill the emptiness? Will the hiking junket arrangements and a bewildering meeting wake up feelings in both of them? Once the trek was started, the ice was cracked and they fell through; will their sexual heat make the snow melt away their fears, while grizzly danger lurks only yards away. Can they bridge the gap and have faith that the love they feel will be forever or will the broken bridges from the past finally destroy it?

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