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Daniel McKune

Daniel McKune Updated March 02, 2013
D McKune

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Where I Live
England, UK

Devastated by the recent loss of his parents, Jack Vaughan returns to work hoping the routine and normality will help him overcome his depression. This isn't the first time Jack has known death; ten years ago his best friend, Tom, died after accidentally falling into Hebden Waters during a terrible thunderstorm.

Jack has a dark secret about the day Tom died - a secret he vowed to take to his grave.

When Jack happens upon a cryptic clue at work - a message alluding to that fateful night - he fears somebody else could know the secret. With his suspicions aroused and paranoia growing, things soon become far worse than he could have ever imagined. Jack must make a decision – confront his dark past or reveal everything and risk losing what is left of his already shattered life.

How far will one man go to uncover the truth?

Who really knows what’s Hidden in the Shadows?


Hidden in the Shadows


Hidden in the Shadows (Official Book Trailer)

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