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Philip Whiteland

Philip Whiteland March 03, 2013



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Philip Whiteland
Philip Whiteland

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Pen Name
Philip Whiteland
Where I Live
Derbyshire, U.K.

Take a trip back to a different place and time. Where crowds of hunched and oddly dressed youths would probably be train-spotters, where you could have a reign of terror on a Sunday afternoon just by riding your cast-iron scooter across the blue brick pavement, and where the height of excitement on the street was getting two Beech Nut chewing gum packets on the fourth turn of the handle.

Philip Whiteland entertains with this collection of articles presenting some keenly observed and very funny meanders through the past and present. Why not come and join him on the trip, but, whatever you do, remember to keep “Steady Past Your Granny’s” 

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