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Linda Lee Greene

Linda Lee Greene Updated March 05, 2013


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Author Details

Pen Name
Linda Lee Greene
Where I Live
Columbus, Ohio USA

At its core, Guardians and Other Angels this is a true story, one evocative of porch swings and farm houses and barnyards and rural roads and people attuned to raw pure soul.  However, Ms. Greene chose to write it as fiction to accommodate interesting and important historical events of the first half of the Twentieth Century, tandem events of the hard economic times and of the war, events that in all likelihood did impact the characters directly, but have not been substantiated in lore.  In this way, she also filled in gaps and/or variances in family legends.  In addition, she was able to place the characters in situations drawn from her own imagination, rather than relying solely on stories gleaned from uncertain memories and scant written documents.

The book also comprises transcriptions of actual family letters spanning 1936 – 1941.  In this pulling back of the curtain of time, her initial intention was to safeguard the letters in a less fragile medium and to record for posterity a momentous portion of the history of the families in the story.  However, as time passed by, she realized that in this little story that she was writing, a story of ordinary people living big lives spawned from the very soil from which they were spawned, she was contributing to the vast preservation efforts of historical data germane to this fundamental way of American life.



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