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Charles Fudgemuffin

Charles Fudgemuffin Updated March 05, 2013


Charles Fudgemuffin

Author Details

Pen Name
Charles Fudgemuffin
Where I Live
Newcastle, United Kingdom
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The Blurb:
"Aliens from the planet Fem have decided that as compassionate citizens of the galaxy they have a duty to alleviate suffering and affliction from the rest of the galaxy.

In the majority of cases this will involve sharing their unprecedented prosperity and quality of life with those planets less fortunate than themselves. Of course, in a minority of extreme cases this will also involve eliminating life from those planets in the galaxy where the level of suffering is simply too great to alleviate.

Unfortunately for Earth, the Femlings have deemed us one such planet..."

Teaser Excerpt:
“Look, man. Calm down, you daft fool. I promise you, man … we’ve got no intentions of doing an anal probe on you. Why would we fly halfway across the galaxy to visit a different civilisation, and then when we get here, like, we go, ‘Hmm, how shall we interact with this new civilisation? I know! We’ll stick things up their bum!’ You’re proper mental, you, man.”


Eric and Jixyl The Alien discuss anal probes
Eric and Jixyl The Alien from the comedy novel 'How To Save The World' by Charles Fudgemuffin
How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy by Charles Fudgemuffin

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