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Karla Darcy

Karla Darcy Updated April 14, 2013
Karla Darcy

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1. I can count to ten in five languages. My father loved to learn funny sayings in other languages but the only thing I can remember is how to count.
2. I can recite all of the presidents in order from memory. My family had a friend who took a Dale Carnegie memory course. One night at dinner he taught us how to memorize the presidents. I got an A in high school History class when the teacher challenged the class to recite them in order.
3. My secret guilty pleasure is watching the Ninja Warrior TV show. Not the American version but the Japanese version. Even though it has English subtitles, the constant screaming in Japanese of the announcer just adds to the whole experience. When you talk about real men, doing impossible feats of strength and not being muscle bound, it doesn’t get any better than this. I’d prefer it if a few more of them ran the course shirtless.
4. If I couldn’t be a writer I’d want to be a radio announcer. I worked in an advertising agency for years and did a couple of voice over commercials and really got a kick out of it. I have a raspy deep voice which sounds great on the radio and in the dark.
5. I am the world’s worst procrastinator especially when I’m on deadline. Unfortunately I do my best work when I’m up against a really short deadline. Adrenaline kicks in and somehow I get it done because I have a built in barometer that tells me just how much time I need to get something done.
6. I’m highly competitive at games. I love Jeopardy, golf, bridge and trivia games and I hate losing. I watch the game show network and my favorite show is the old Dick Clark Twenty-five Thousand Dollar Pyramid game. The sad thing is I’ve watched those shows so much that I can look at the clothes the contestants are wearing and know whether I’ve seen the show recently.
7. I used to be a bow hunter. My husband is an avid outdoorsman and since I didn’t want to be a sport’s widow I took up whatever activity he was interested in at the time. Sadly I was terrified in the woods but no deer were in any danger from me since I’m the worst possible shot. My favorite of the sports was trout fishing. Trout aren’t big and probably won’t attack you.


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