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Mike Bove

Mike Bove Updated March 16, 2017



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Reached #4 in Amazon's Top 100 Free during 2012 promotion.
Indie Book of the Day, 12-30-12.

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Mike Bove
Mike Bove

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Pen Name
Mike Bove
Where I Live
Arizona, USA
Bruce DelReno plays a lot of golf.  Well, he's retired because the Postal Service drove him to it.  His wife, a nurse, still works.  A lot.  So, Bruce frequents the Mesquite Hills Golf Club in the fictitious town of Willowtree, Arizona.  One day he finds bones near the course.  This discovery begins his pursuit of the killers of three individuals whose bodies were found nearby, but 30 years apart.  This mild mannered ex-postman is emboldened by the police's slow progress, and encouragement from his wife, and best friend, an Apache Indian.  Bruce's investigating centers on a group of locals who grew up in Willowtree together.  There is murder, humor, golf, food, and local color in this tale, as well as twists and some interesting characters.  Beautiful desert willows grow wild in the area around Willowtree, contributing to the stability of the land and the sustenance of wildlife.  So does a certain weed that can be used in sinister ways. This is a cozy mystery, meaning it contains no explicit sex, obscene language, or gory violence.

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